Garment Racks for Beginners

If you are new to the world of organizing, you may be thinking to yourself, What is a garment rack?  In fact, garment racks are nothing new themselves, they have been around for ages.  In the olden days, they usually took the form of a large, bulky armoire, and while it is still possible to find a full size, wooden clothing or bedroom armoire, many people are foregoing those classics in favor of modern, updated, lighter style garment storage racks.

Here is a run down of the basic different types of garment racks, what to do with them and where to find them:
Covered Garment Racks – These models have a few benefits over other garment racks.  One is that they are designed to offer a bit more protection to your clothing.  It all depends on what the fabric is made of, though.


Vinyl covered racks, such as the Easy View Crystal Clear Vinyl Wardrobe Closet offer maximum protection of your clothes, especially important if you are storing them in the garage or shed.  Fabric covers, like the 48″ Portable Wardrobe with Shelves offer some protection and could still work in the garage, as long as there is not too much moisture.  A model like this Wardrobe Center keeps dust and insects out, while still allowing for some air flow. It is compact enough for use in the guest room.

Double Bar Rolling Garment Rack

Double Bar Rolling Garment Rack

Rolling Garment Racks, like the Double Bar Rolling Garment Rack and single bar garment rack are great for use inside the home as a coat rack or as extra closet rod space.  The beautiful wooden design is a premium choice and enhances any room’s decor.  Casters make it easy to roll this stand in and out of place.
Simple Garment Racks – For the most basic of garment storage stands, the Fol-D-Rack simply can’t be beat.  It has an ultra-minimalist style and a great price point.  Plus it is portable, a big plus!

Pant Trolley with cedar hangers

Pant Trolley with cedar hangers

Other Types of Garment Storage – Not all garment racks are large, some come in smaller packages with just one type of storage in mind, like this Pant Trolley with Cedar Hangers.  This is great for the office worker who uses slacks everyday.  The rack is space efficient and eliminates wrinkles.

A Garment Rack For An Easier Laundry Day

Living in an apartment without a dedicated laundry room, doing the laundry can be quite a pain for me. I live on the fourth floor of an apartment building, and the nearest laundry mat is four blocks away. There is no parking for this laundry mat so I have to walk to it, and it can be quite a task to carry all of my laundry to the Laundromat and back once a week. The issue is not so much getting the laundry there when it is dirty; it is taking all of my clean laundry back to my apartment. I do not want to wad up all my freshly dried clothes, particularly my work shirts and slacks, but I am left with few other options.

Garment Rack

Garment Rack

That is, until I made the purchase that changed my laundry carrying habits forever. I found the sturdy and stable Garment Rack, which makes transporting laundry from the mat to my apartment so much easier, plus I can keep all of my shirts and slacks hung up while I transport them, preventing them from getting all wrinkled up!

The rack is made from durable steel, allowing it to hold up perfectly when I am traversing the four blocks between the laundry mat and my home. Set on four casters, it easily conquers the treacherous broken sidewalks and weeds growing in the cracks. Another great feature of this garment rack is the hanging storage compartments, perfect for placing my detergent, drier sheets, quarters and of course, a good book to enjoy while I wait for my laundry to get finished.

This garment rack has made doing my laundry a must easier task, and one that I do not dread anymore. My shirts and slacks look sharp every day because they are able to be hung up right out of the drier!

Open Garment Racks for Modern Homes

Many times, when I think about garment racks, I picture a covered garment rack.  Whether vinyl or canvas, I usually think about garment racks as being covered.  That is until I came across this collapsible garment rack with 4 shelves and double hanging rod, a totally open design, even the shelves are slatted for air flow and increased access.  I love the idea of a totally open garment rack, it has a very contemporary vibe to it.  It could be used in any room of the home for increased storage.  Create a bedroom or guestroom out of the office by adding this garment rack to the room, giving your guests somewhere to hang their clothes on their overnight visits.

collapsible garment rack with 4 shelves and double hanging rod

collapsible garment rack with 4 shelves and double hanging rod

Here are some more great ways to use an open shelf garment rack:
•     Sports Equipment – In the garage, this garment rack is perfect for jerseys and uniforms, cleats and running shoes.  The open shelves keep air circulating to reduce odors and keep the whole family organized and ready for game day.
•    Guest Room Closet – Turn any room into a guest room providing clothes storage
•    Hall or Coat Closet – If you have a large closet anywhere in the home that is lacking organization, this is a great tool for adding order to that area.  The closet rod can hold jackets, while shelves keep purses, shoes and other accessories neat and tidy.
•    Features of this garment rack include:
o    PVC connectors – these are sturdy and add a modern feel to the unit.
o    Five shelves offer storage of shoes, sweaters, purses, shirts and other folded garments
o    A double hanging rod to maximize use of vertical space – perfect for shorter garments like slacks, shirts and blazers.
o    Slatted shelves allow for air circulation and also contribute to the contemporary style of the unit.

Store Out Of Season Linens In Underbed Clothes Storage Chests

Whoever invented the idea of “under bed storage” is a genius in my book.

What did WE do before there was such a thing as an under the bed chest?  By “we” of course, I mean people like me who do not have a lot of storage space.  Because I am a “city person” I have always lived in small apartments, usually old dwellings that have limited closet space.  Sure these places have lots of wonderful, old character but really lacking in the storage space department.

Now, I have a weakness for linens, especially duvet covers, of which I have at least eight.  I like to change out my bed linens with the seasons because it is fun to have new looks going all the time.  Sometimes I even rearrange the artwork on my walls to coordinate with whatever bedding scheme I’m rocking.  But that is beside the point.

set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chest

set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chest

My dilemma became, “What to do with all these sheets and duvet covers I have collected?”  The solution to my problem arrived in the form of this set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chests.  While these under bed chests are great for storing seasonal clothing such as sweaters and jackets, I have found them to be most essential to storing by extra linens.  I use a chest for each season of linens, and because they are clear I can easily see inside without having to open them up.  These underbed chests fit perfectly where they’re designed to go and when I have moved homes in the past, they simply pick up and go, so I don’t have to pack them in a box.
I encourage everyone to do the same as I did, and put that wasted space under the bed to good use!

Making traveling with clothing a breeze!


Traveling can be a pain for anyone, especially if it is a business trip and you’d like to keep your clothing wrinkle free.

Fortunately there are portable garment racks to make car travel with clothing easier than ever. My two favorite options are the easiest to use and store. Continue reading →