Folding luggage rack makes holiday travel easier

Planning to do some traveling this holiday season? Or maybe you’re opening your home to family and friends from out of town? Using a luggage rack is a great way to make yourself more comfortable abroad or welcome guests into your own home.

A suitcase stand allows travelers to rest their luggage at a accommodating height. This way luggage doesn’t sit on the floor or take up that bed. Completely unpacking isn’t necessary either because bag contents remain accessible at all times.

This Wooden Luggage Rack features three fabric straps that are built to support anything from carry-on totes to large suitcases. The folding design can be tucked into closets or under the bed in between uses. The slim design is easy to travel with too, folding perfect to fit in the trunk or on a cargo rack. Available in espresso or white, this convenient design is a great addition to any decor.

This rack even features a bottom shelf, perfect for shoes or other accessories. Stay neat and organized while traveling for the holiday with a luggage rack.

2 in 1 – Garment Rack with a Luggage Rack


The frequent traveler should never leave the house without a 2 in 1 garment and luggage rack. With the perfect amount of storage and space, you’ll be able to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle free during your trip.

Another great purpose for a luggage rack/ garment rack is for packing assistance. You can get your hanging items together and pack without the tension of packing on the floor.

This is another great item to have in your guest bedroom at home. This leaves a place for guests to set their luggage while still having a place to hang and organize their clothing while they stay.