Making the Most out of Your Space with a Laundry Butler

With all of the recent graduates entering real adult hood, it is important to remember that some of those first time homes, whether they are rented, purchased, condos, townhomes, studios, are often short on space in at least one area.  So it’s important to get used to making the most of the space that you have in your home, and this really holds true for anyone of any age.  So whether you are just fresh out of college, renting your first studio apartment on your own or you are in the middle years of life, moving into a densely packed urban area, here are some tips for you to fit more into tight spaces:
Closet – This is an obvious place to start since the closet has the best possible storage potential after the garage, which I’m guessing you don’t have if you are still reading this!  Closet double rods are great for maximizing storage capacity, they literally double the hanging space you have for clothing.  If, however, you don’t hang very many clothes, my tip is to actually put your dresser into the closet, hanging short items like blouses and skirts over the top of it.  A garment rack is also helpful if closet space falls short.

laundry butler

laundry butler

Laundry Room – You can get really creative in the laundry room simply by mounting shelves over and around the washer and dryer as a place to store cleaning supplies for the whole house.  Another option is to look for a very narrow cart, like the Laundry Butler, that slides in between the washer and dryer for storage – now that is some serious space-saving if you ask me!
Kitchen – Look at those tall pantry shelves and imagine putting wire shelves in them to divide up the space.  So much space goes wasted when you have tall pantry shelves, as you can only stack food so high before it topples over.  A wire shelf almost doubles the space that you have for storage of dishes and food!

Tackle the Messy Laundry Room with a Laundry Sorter

Can you imagine having an organized laundry room? A little scary to picture, I know, but it is very possible. There are many garment racks available to help you get your laundry room under control!

            Garment racks are great for hanging your clothes to dry. Before I got one, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find clothes hanging on the shower rod, doorways and on chairs. I know I’m not the only one who has ever draped a pair of wet pants over the dryer in order to dry. The great thing about a garment rack is that all of the laundry clutter is eliminated.

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