Every home needs a good garment rack!

No matter where you live, or in what kind of dwelling, a garment rack is a handy thing to have around.  The typical rolling clothing rack can serve a variety of purposes, from storing seasonal clothes in the garage to adding a closet to any room.


The guest room in my home is actually located in a space that was designated as a small office or bonus room, so it did not come with a closet.  I solved this problem by adding a Portable Spare Wardrobe Closet which acts like an instant closet.  It even closes up for a tidy look in the room.

A good garment rack can also help save your laundry room from getting messy, overcrowded and a confusing.  You can use it to hang clothes to dry, which will also save you some money on energy.  If you use a hanging sweater dryer to air dry delicates, you can hang it from your garment rod rather than putting holes in the wall or ceiling.  If you do not have space in your laundry room for a full size rolling garment rack, then there are a number of alternatives.

wallgarmentrackA wall garment rack saves you space and gives the same benefits of hanging clothes to store or dry.  Use this kind of clothing rack like a usual closet rod, and even hang sweater shelves or a hanging shoe rack.  Best of all, they can also be folded down when not in use.

As I said before, just about anyone can benefit from having a garment rack in the home.  They can do more than just store and dry clothing – think of unique and creative ways to re-purpose a garment rack!

Drying Racks Gift Guide

Just in time for holiday shopping, I have compiled a list of favorite clothes drying racks.  “Why on earth would I buy someone a drying rack as a gift?”, you say.  Because a clothes drying rack is something that every one needs!  Get one for your wife, your sister, a friend, anyone who needs a new solution for hanging clothes to dry.  I have made sure to include something here for everyone, including apartment dwellers, home owners and everyone in between!

This expandable drying rack is perfect for anyone.  It has the ability to expand and contract to meet one’s needs.  It holds a large capacity without taking up too much space:

For someone who doesn’t have a lot of space in their laundry room, or doesn’t have one at all, this countertop rack is ideal.  Best of all, it can be folded down and stored in a tight space when not in use:

Another space saving solution for garment drying racks is something that hangs over the door, like this one:

Someone with a large family and enough space in their laundry room would benefit from a larger, more traditional drying rack.  I recommend this one because it offers A LOT of hanging space:

Last but certainly not least, this over door drying rack is the simplest and smallest solution, to meet the most basic needs.  It also makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

As you can see, drying racks come in all shapes and sizes and there is just about any kind available to meet everyone’s needs.  Show someone you really care about them this holiday season with an unforgettable gift like the ones I’ve listed above.  Happy Holidays folks!

Here’s where you can find these awesome clothes drying racks:

1.  Expandable Clothes Drying Rack by Household Essentials

2. Countertop Drying Rack by Polder

3. Brabantia Door Drying Rack

4. 3 Tier Airer Clothes Drying Rack by Moerman Americas

5. Over the Door Hanger Holder – Set of 2

Clothes Drying Racks – Everyone needs a good one!

Whether you have access to an automatic dryer or not, manual line clothes drying is a necessity for almost anyone!  Some of us don’t have a machine to dry our clothes and even those of us who do, often have to line dry delicate garments.  I have noticed that line drying clothes is becoming popular as a “green” way of living.  It cuts down on energy use and will save you a little money monthly (and everyone is looking to save a penny here and there in this economy).

Now, you can find just about any kind of clothes drying rack for sale out there on the internet.  Whether you need something to hang a whole load outside, a few garments in your laundry area, or a load over the bathtub in your tiny urban apartment.  There are laundry racks that hang over the door, mount to the wall, stand over the tub, extend from the wall, and everywhere in between! The reason this topic interests me is because it applies to just about everyone.  Even if all you need to hang dry is a blouse or pair of stockings here and there.

When looking for a rack to dry garments and laundry, consider your needs.  First and foremost: capacity.  Are you going to be drying whole loads of laundry or just a few pieces at a time?  Secondly, consider how much space is available; do you have a laundry room, a back yard, or just a space in your bathroom?  Will you need to use a wall mounted drying rack to save floor space, or will you have to go with a freestanding rack because the landlord won’t abide wall damage?  Whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a perfect clothes drying rack out there for you!

Making the Most out of Your Space with a Laundry Butler

With all of the recent graduates entering real adult hood, it is important to remember that some of those first time homes, whether they are rented, purchased, condos, townhomes, studios, are often short on space in at least one area.  So it’s important to get used to making the most of the space that you have in your home, and this really holds true for anyone of any age.  So whether you are just fresh out of college, renting your first studio apartment on your own or you are in the middle years of life, moving into a densely packed urban area, here are some tips for you to fit more into tight spaces:
Closet – This is an obvious place to start since the closet has the best possible storage potential after the garage, which I’m guessing you don’t have if you are still reading this!  Closet double rods are great for maximizing storage capacity, they literally double the hanging space you have for clothing.  If, however, you don’t hang very many clothes, my tip is to actually put your dresser into the closet, hanging short items like blouses and skirts over the top of it.  A garment rack is also helpful if closet space falls short.

laundry butler

laundry butler

Laundry Room – You can get really creative in the laundry room simply by mounting shelves over and around the washer and dryer as a place to store cleaning supplies for the whole house.  Another option is to look for a very narrow cart, like the Laundry Butler, that slides in between the washer and dryer for storage – now that is some serious space-saving if you ask me!
Kitchen – Look at those tall pantry shelves and imagine putting wire shelves in them to divide up the space.  So much space goes wasted when you have tall pantry shelves, as you can only stack food so high before it topples over.  A wire shelf almost doubles the space that you have for storage of dishes and food!

A Garment Rack For An Easier Laundry Day

Living in an apartment without a dedicated laundry room, doing the laundry can be quite a pain for me. I live on the fourth floor of an apartment building, and the nearest laundry mat is four blocks away. There is no parking for this laundry mat so I have to walk to it, and it can be quite a task to carry all of my laundry to the Laundromat and back once a week. The issue is not so much getting the laundry there when it is dirty; it is taking all of my clean laundry back to my apartment. I do not want to wad up all my freshly dried clothes, particularly my work shirts and slacks, but I am left with few other options.

Garment Rack

Garment Rack

That is, until I made the purchase that changed my laundry carrying habits forever. I found the sturdy and stable Garment Rack, which makes transporting laundry from the mat to my apartment so much easier, plus I can keep all of my shirts and slacks hung up while I transport them, preventing them from getting all wrinkled up!

The rack is made from durable steel, allowing it to hold up perfectly when I am traversing the four blocks between the laundry mat and my home. Set on four casters, it easily conquers the treacherous broken sidewalks and weeds growing in the cracks. Another great feature of this garment rack is the hanging storage compartments, perfect for placing my detergent, drier sheets, quarters and of course, a good book to enjoy while I wait for my laundry to get finished.

This garment rack has made doing my laundry a must easier task, and one that I do not dread anymore. My shirts and slacks look sharp every day because they are able to be hung up right out of the drier!

Dry Your Clothes the Way Nature Intended!

Air drying your laundry is a wonderful thing to do for you, the earth and for many types of clothing!  There are some fabrics and delicate garments that simply cannot be put in the dryer, for they will shrink or be damaged in other ways!

castello dryer clothes drying rack

castello dryer clothes drying rack

The castello dryer clothes drying rack makes air drying of clothing a cinch, and can be used in the laundry room or even outside on the patio to get a little extra help from the sun, heat and wind!  One of the great things about this clothes drying rack is that it incorporates flat shelves into its design.  This is a must have feature for flat drying sweaters and a variety of other garments.    This model also breaks down for space efficient storage when not in use.  Here are some other benefits, tips and ideas about air drying clothing:
·         Use a garment rack!  This is a garment rack blog, and in fact garment racks make great clothes dryers, inside and outside the house!  Hanging clothes on the hangers makes it easier when it’s time to put them away, too, simply keep them on the same hanger and place them on the closet rod!
·         Outdoor Clothes Lines – These are great for maximum air drying of clothes.  Look for traditional wire clothes lines or even some newer models that are rotating stands – a more compact idea if you have limited outdoor space.  There are also great indoor clothes lines on the market now that can span across a bathtub or from wall to wall in the laundry room – look for ones that are retractable so that it is only out when you need it!
·         Air Drying Clothes is the Eco-Friendly Way!  In addition to not using a dryer, which uses up energy that is likely being supplied by burning fossil fuels, air drying your clothes will likely make them last longer.  And one of the worst things you can throw into a landfill is fabric, as it takes  a long time to decompose.

Versatile Clothing Racks for Gaining Storage

Portable clothing racks run the gamut from stylish to inconspicuous and are a great way to gain clothing storage when you need it most. These hooks can be used to organize clothes, allow them to air dry or provide additional storage. Try a removable door hook or a more permanent option like a wall mounted one to suit your storage needs.

For small, occasional storage try the folding instahanger clothes drying rack. When placed on the back of a closet door it can be used to store a freshly pressed suit or outfit so you have everything you need to get dressed. This hanger can also be used to dry clothes in the laundry room, with a long bar that holds plenty of hangers.


For occasional storage that can be used throughout the home try an over the door hook that can be carried from room to room, depending on where you need it. Use one in the closet to organize an outfit or in the laundry room to hang clothes. Gain additional coat storage in your hall closet or an extra towel rack in the bathroom. These hooks are ideal for situations where you only need a small amount of extra storage.

A department store style clothing rack set on casters is a fun way to store clothes, and provides more closet space. Place the rack at an angle in the corner of a room, store it in a guestroom for additional storage space or use it as a coat rack for your next party. Use it to display your favorite pieces and make dressing fun.


Gain storage for a handful of hangers or an entire closet full, simply choose a rack to fit your clothing needs. In no time at all you’ll have manageable closets that make finding the clothes you need easy!

Double the Space in your Closet Instantly

For maximum clothes storage in the closet, you must check out the closet doubler double hanging closet rod.  This nifty tool hangs on your existing closet rod and instantly doubles the hanging space with a bar hanging below.

closet doubler double hanging closet rod

closet doubler double hanging closet rod

This is perfect for hanging any shorter garments.  Skirts, shirts, folded slacks, jackets and blazers, they all fit perfectly on this double closet rod.  Whoever thought up this idea must be some kind of organizing genius!  When you look inside an average closet, you see clothes hanging on top, and then you look down and usually what you find is totally wasted space underneath the clothes!  With this closet organizer, there is no more wasted space.  And you don’t have to install anything.  All you do is hang the rod from your existing closet rod.  It’s very sturdy, too.  The metal sides and wooden rod bar are stiff so there’s not a lot of swaying and swinging.  Here are some more great ways to use a closet doubler:
•    Kids room.  A closet doubling rod is really ideal for the kids’ room or nursery.  Since all of their clothes are short hanging, you will have no problem fitting whatever you want in there. It could be a great solution, too, for rooms where brothers and sisters share a closet, allowing them to each have their own space.
•    Garage – In the garage, you can hold anything from jackets to sporting equipment on these closet rods.  For example, jerseys, sweaters, ski clothing and more all can be kept off the garage floor, neat and tidy on a closet rod!
•    Coat Closet – Maximize the storage capabilities of your coat or hall closet by using a doubling bar.  You will fit twice as many items in the same amount of space – a great idea when you have guests over for dinner!

Tackle the Messy Laundry Room with a Laundry Sorter

Can you imagine having an organized laundry room? A little scary to picture, I know, but it is very possible. There are many garment racks available to help you get your laundry room under control!

            Garment racks are great for hanging your clothes to dry. Before I got one, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find clothes hanging on the shower rod, doorways and on chairs. I know I’m not the only one who has ever draped a pair of wet pants over the dryer in order to dry. The great thing about a garment rack is that all of the laundry clutter is eliminated.

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The wonderful world of garment racks


For many of us, closet space is hard to come by and there are never enough laundry baskets in the house. Luckily, there is a way to fix both of these problems without adding to the clutter or blowing your budget. The simple solution is a garment rack.

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