Think Collections When Choosing A Gift

Looking for a gift for that recent grad setting up their first apartment? While they need pretty much everything, it can be difficult to think of a present that is practical and fun. Storage for a collection of their favorite items can be a great solution, you just have to figure out what they like and find the right storage solution.

For any young woman with a love of bags or shoes an organizer is a welcome addition to their closet. A hanging bag organizer is a great storage solution for anyone with so many bags they don’t know what to do with them. Look for one with individual slots so taking it out doesn’t cause an avalanche of bags. This makes finding the right bag a breeze. Looking for a present for a serious shoe lover? Consider getting them a shoe rack with a fun, modern look to give their closet a stylish touch.

Over The Door Cap Rack

Over The Door Cap Rack

For any guy with a serious hat collection storing and displaying them in a small apartment can be a problem. With a storage option like the CapRack 36 it’s easy to keep them all in one place and in good shape. Fitting over a door this rack can be used on the inside of a closet door for concealed storage or on the back of a bedroom door so they are all on show.

Movie lovers who have DVDs scattered all over their apartment will appreciate a sleek DVD rack so they can always find the movie they’re looking for. DVD organizers come in sizes big and small so it’s easy to find the right size. Consider a modular option so they can add more storage space as their collection grows.

Give a gift they can enjoy for years to come and that helps them enjoy their favorite collection in their brand new place!

Get Those Hats In Order With The Over The Door Cap Rack

Anyone with children that played baseball or softball for years knows the issue that arises when it comes to storing all of those baseball caps. Each year your child plays for a team, they need to get a new hat. Some are lucky and their child plays for the same team year after year, allowing the parent to recycle hats from years past, and cutting down on the clutter in the home.

over the door cap rack that holds 36 caps

over the door cap rack that holds 36 caps

Unfortunately for me, in the nine years my three children have played ball, the option of recycling has not presented itself. Year after year, my children have been placed on a different team. We have rooted for the “Atlanta Braves”, the “Seattle Mariners”, the “Florida Marlins”, and even the “Akron Racers” (softball).

Add in the fact that every few years my husband has to do his best Tommy Lasorda impression and take up the role of general manger, the tally of hats my family has collected reaches an incredible, astounding 32 different hats! All of these hats are taking up tons of space in my hall closet (and every other closet in my home), and all are in desperate need for a home to call their own.

Enter the over the door cap rack that holds 36 caps. Not only is this cap rack extremely simple to install in the home, it has the incredible capacity to organize my family’s ridiculous ball cap accumulation (I hate to call something that is forced on you a “collection”).  With its unique design, it is able to be hung over a door, hung from the ceiling, used in a closet and more! One of my favorite features of this hat rack is that the clips are ventilated, which keeps the hats well aired out and free from mildew (very important when you have a teenaged boy!).