Arrow Instahanger Folding Clothes Hanger

Some laundry rooms are very tight on open space, with washers and dryers and their many accessories taking up all the room.  When I want to air dry my delicate clothing, I run into an issue every single time. Either I end up having to carry a bunch of dripping wet clothes up the stairs to my closet where they can hang dry, or I have to try to find space in my cramped laundry room.  Both options are far from desirable, and I always end up with a wet floor!

Arrow Instahanger - Folding Clothes Hanger

Arrow Instahanger – Folding Clothes Hanger

Enter the arrow instahanger folding clothes hanger, which provides excellent clothes drying space but folds down when I am not using it.  By being able to hang all my wet clothes in one convenient space, I avoid getting water drips all over my washing room.  I can place a pan under this folding hanger and make sure my laundry room is nice and dry.

There are many more uses for this nifty wall rack hanger!

  • Also makes a really convenient additional storage space in the guest room, so that when you have guests there is always a place for them to hang their clothes and keep them wrinkle free.
  • Use this folding clothes hanger is in the bathroom.  I hate it when I come home from the gym, the beach or the pool and I do not have a good place to put my wet clothes.  They always end up hanging near the shower, where they inevitably get wet again when someone carelessly turns on the shower without looking.  Or I hang them next to my towels, getting sweat, pool water or salt water all over them.  Simply attach this hanger to the door of your bathroom, and voila, instant hanging storage.

Protect It All With A Jumbo Clothes Bag

Proper clothes storage prolongs the life of your clothes, saving them for years to come. Whether it’s a wedding dress or tailor made suit, it’s easy to find just the right garment bag for your clothes and your closet. There are a few basic storage rules that are important to follow and help you get the storage you need.

Prevent fading and damage from sunlight by storing clothes away from direct light. Keeping clothes away from sunlight is easy in a standard closet, but for a walk in closet with a window or skylight make sure to store nicer clothes that are only worn occasionally in a garment bag made of solid material that blocks out the light. For closets that are free from natural light consider a clear vinyl design that makes it easy to see where all your clothes are.

Jumbo Clothes Bag

Jumbo Clothes Bag

Mold and Mildew love crowded spaces, keep them at bay by giving your clothes plenty of air flow and room to breath. A Jumbo Clothes Bag from Stacks and Stacks is a great clothes storage solution, providing plenty of room to spread out hangers. A jumbo clear vinyl dress bag keeps dust from gathering on top of the clothes you want to preserve but don’t often have an occasion to wear. Great for suits or dresses, a clothes bag will keep them straight from the dry cleaner fresh.

As opposed to garment bags that slip over the hanger, a bag with an interior hanger rod makes hanging and sorting through clothes easy. Ideal for storing seasonal clothes, heavy wool coats or rain jackets, an extra large clothes bag gives you enough room to store puffy down jackets. Used in a hall or guest room closet, garment bags are also a good way to keep clothes organized and out of the way. Follow these simple steps and you can keep your favorite pieces looking like new!

The wonderful world of garment racks


For many of us, closet space is hard to come by and there are never enough laundry baskets in the house. Luckily, there is a way to fix both of these problems without adding to the clutter or blowing your budget. The simple solution is a garment rack.

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