Clothing storage to fit your space and style

Finding the perfect clothing storage is essential. You want something that is going to fit your wardrobe, but also fit the style and space of your closet or bedroom. 

While garment racks remain an excellent choice for large wardrobes, they’re not always a great fit decor wise. But there can be middle ground between the simple garment rack and large, bulky dressers or wardrobes. And I’ve found it!

Storage shelves and bins 

Chest of drawers, storage shelf — whatever you choose to call them, this style of clothing storage is perfect for any space. You can find these shelves in a million different styles and easily customize them to fit your needs. Choose the number of bins you use, how they’re arranged and even use two units together to create a bigger storage piece.

My most recent find are these Bamboo Storage Towers. Available in a 43 inch by 13 inch style or a 34 inch by 18 style, both of these tall chest of drawers include four bins. These shelves are constructed from environmentally friendly bamboo with a natural finish that brings a classic accent to any decor. The wider shelf comes with two small bins and two large bins, perfect for containing clothes, accessories, handbags and more. The taller of the two comes with four the smaller bins.

These shelves are great as space-conserving secondary clothing storage in your bedroom, but they also work great in closets or even master bathrooms.

These shelves are great because they have the efficiency of a classic storage shelf or garment rack, but they offer a stylish alternative that blends in great with the comfy decor of any bedroom. It doesn’t look like plain old storage — but it still performs the task.

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Eco-Friendly Protection – Set of 2 PEVA Dress Bags

My wife is an attorney and unfortunately, wearing suits is just one of those things that come with the territory of being a barrister. She has pant suits, skirt suits, white suits, blue suits, black suits and beige suits, in fact just about any suit you can think of.
We live right down the street from a wonderful dry cleaner that is owned by a very nice man and they always do an amazing job, but I am beginning to suspect that we are single handedly financing his retirement. Just about every day either my wife or I have to make a run out to Lido Dry Cleaning, to pick up or drop off a suit.
(Side note: My wife has an insane boss who insists on his employees’ suits being impeccably clean. If an employee shows up with a stain or dust or animal hair on his or her suit they were sent home promptly. Even if the mess was obtained at the office, off they would go to change into clean attire. Now you can get a sense of how important a clean suit is to my wife.)

PEVA Dress Bag - Set of 2

PEVA Dress Bag - Set of 2

I needed to find a way to keep my wife’s suits from getting so dirty; half the time it was just from the dust the suits collected while hanging in the closet. We have a dog and a cat, and believe me they can create a whole mess of dust in our apartment.
I went to to research ways to keep my wife’s suits from becoming so disheveled and dusty, and came across what may not be the solution, but is a step in the right direction.  The set of 2 PEVA eco-friendly dress bags holds four suits each, providing enough storage for eight of my wife’s suits. Of course, just two was not enough for us; we had to get three sets of two!
Adding these storage bags to our closet has been a pretty good investment; I have to go to the dry cleaners a lot less. My wife is a very careful eater, so now she only has to come home to change out of a suit once a week!

Store Out Of Season Linens In Underbed Clothes Storage Chests

Whoever invented the idea of “under bed storage” is a genius in my book.

What did WE do before there was such a thing as an under the bed chest?  By “we” of course, I mean people like me who do not have a lot of storage space.  Because I am a “city person” I have always lived in small apartments, usually old dwellings that have limited closet space.  Sure these places have lots of wonderful, old character but really lacking in the storage space department.

Now, I have a weakness for linens, especially duvet covers, of which I have at least eight.  I like to change out my bed linens with the seasons because it is fun to have new looks going all the time.  Sometimes I even rearrange the artwork on my walls to coordinate with whatever bedding scheme I’m rocking.  But that is beside the point.

set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chest

set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chest

My dilemma became, “What to do with all these sheets and duvet covers I have collected?”  The solution to my problem arrived in the form of this set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chests.  While these under bed chests are great for storing seasonal clothing such as sweaters and jackets, I have found them to be most essential to storing by extra linens.  I use a chest for each season of linens, and because they are clear I can easily see inside without having to open them up.  These underbed chests fit perfectly where they’re designed to go and when I have moved homes in the past, they simply pick up and go, so I don’t have to pack them in a box.
I encourage everyone to do the same as I did, and put that wasted space under the bed to good use!