Making Laundry Day Easier

Laundry day in my house should be an Olympic sport!  If it were, I am sure I would at least place silver if not gold.  Like most households, I am the laundry queen.  I would imagine that any busy mom could commiserate with me on what it is like trying to get everyone to help out.  But then, I have always one of those “if you want it done right, better do it yourself” kind of people.  And my husband and kids do help out in other ways so I can’t complain.

Laundry Caddy Cart with Sturdy Canvas Bag

Laundry Caddy Cart with Sturdy Canvas Bag

In our home, we use a laundry caddy cart with sturdy bag in every bedroom.  Come Friday morning, everyone knows what they are supposed to do.  Brush your teeth, make your bed, and wheel your laundry basket to the laundry room.   It’s an effective system because I don’t have to spend time going around the house to each room collecting and juggling bulky laundry baskets.  And we have gotten to a point where I do not have to ask – I step into the laundry room and it’s like a happy little family of rolling laundry carts moved in overnight!

Besides the convenience of the casters, what I like most about this rolling laundry caddy is the removable canvas bag.  First, the clothes go in and then the bag follows!  I read a while ago that you should wash your dirty clothes container (whether it be fabric or plastic) as often as you wash the clothing because all those germs and bacteria transfer to the laundry basket.  So basically, if you are not washing your laundry hamper you are essentially putting freshly cleaned and sanitized garments back into a pool of germs.  Something to think about.
Laundry day does not have to be a nightmare folks.  Simply find the laundry organizing system that best suits your family, like the laundry caddy cart does for mine, and perfect it to a science.  You’ll see just how smoothly it can go!

Make Use Of Unused Space With An Over-the-Door Garment Rack

Have clothes and shoes spilling out of your bedroom closet? Think you’ve run out of closet space? Well think again! There are countless ways to gain additional closet space for everything from shoes to clothing to accessories. Just a few creative storage tools and your closet will once again be manageable and used to it’s full potential.

Over-the-Door Garment Rack

Over-the-Door Garment Rack

When you find yourself stuffing hangers into place it might be time to add more rack space with the Over-the-Door Garment Rack. This rack makes the most of unused closet door space and can be added everywhere from the bedroom to the coat closet. A smaller rack is the perfect place to lay out clothes for the week so you don’t have to search through your wardrobe everyday for something to wear. Over door organizers can also provide storage for everything from a collection of hats or handbags or shoes. That way everything is on display and easy to find, rather than getting lost in the back of your closet.

Need even more hanger space? Consider a double rod to store shorter items of clothing like shirts, jackets or folded pants. Adding it to just one side of a closet quickly adds clothing space that can easily be removed when it is no longer needed. This is also ideal for gaining storage in coat closets where extra space often goes unused.

Make the most of closet shelves by adding stacking wire shelves that can double shelf space. Shelf dividers are another way to keep items organized and easy to grab, rather than having a messy disorganized space. If you have an extra foot of hanging space to spare in the closet a hanging closet organizer also adds shelf space for items that can’t be stored on hangers, like sweaters or purses. With the right tools a more manageable closet is within reach!

Review: Wall Mounted Laundry Valet

Living in an old home has its ups and its downs.  On the one hand, you get lots of old charm and character, unique details and features that aren’t found in modern design.  On the other hand, you tend to end up with small rooms and very small closets.  This is the bane of my existence.

My apartment’s bedroom has a closet the size of a shoebox.  The biggest challenge this has presented is, “what to do with my jackets?” I have a lot of jackets; it’s a bit of an obsession.  While the closet is just big enough for clothing alone, there is definitely no room for the coats and heavy sweaters.  And there isn’t even a spare closet to fall back on.

Wall Mounted Laundry Valet

Wall Mounted Laundry Valet

I wasn’t keen on the idea of adding a modular closet or large garment rack – I just don’t have the space for those either.  And keeping my jackets stored under the bed in boxes just wasn’t a convenient option either.  I decided to go with a wall mounted laundry valet.  Technically, it’s designed for hanging laundry to dry, but I found it perfectly suitable to my needs for jacket hanging space.
The thing I like most about this wall mounted hanger is its collapsible design.  It measures a wonderful 11 inches long, so it perfectly holds a number of coats, but I don’t necessarily want it sticking out all the time.  As I mentioned before, I need all the space efficiency I can get.  So, when I don’t actually need to select a coat, I can keep the garment rack folded down and the coats hang nicely tiered.  I’m actually using two of these racks.  Each has six holes and you can fit about two hangers in each hole, but as I also said before, I have an expansive jacket collection.
I’ll probably keep using these laundry valets from Stacks and Stacks when I do have more closet space, just because they make selection so nice and easy!

No matter the size, there’s a garment rack for your laundry room!


Laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes, thankfully garment racks do too. It’s important to take a look at the space you have to use before deciding on a garment rack to help with laundry tasks. There are many different options of racks that will make your laundry tasks super easy!

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