All He Wants for Christmas

Last spring, my son achieved his MBA and has since been trying to make it in the world as a business professional.  He moved to a city with lots of job potential and has been doing everything he could to land a good one.  Finally, he did! Just last week he called to tell me he’d be working for SoAndSo & SoAndSo, making a more-than-decent salary and wouldn’t have to worry about borrowing another month’s rent.  I asked him what he wants for Christmas, and said he he needs some things to help maintain his professional image.  So I have been doing some research on things to get him.

Because he lives in a big city now (paying an excruciating amount for a shoebox size apartment), he’ll need a good laundry bag for toting to and from the laundromat:

His overpriced and cramped (but ideally located) apartment is also lacking a closet, so he’ll need a garment rack to hang his clothes.  This one is perfect because it has two levels and built in shelves for shoes, sweaters, jeans, etc:

To save him some money on dry cleaning (did I mention the overpriced city apartment???), a pants press will come in handy.

A tutorial on how to use it may also come in handy, I’d better give it a try then show him how to operate it.

And speaking of freshly pressed slacks, a pant trolley will be helpful for keeping them hanging neat and tidily.  I wouldn’t want him spend time pressing his slacks, if they’re just going to get wrinkled again with all the other clothes.

And last but not least, like every professional man, my son needs a suit valet.  It will help keep him organized and on time in the morning, and maybe even allow him those few extra minutes of sleep I know he loves so much.

Now, I know that there is much more to being a successful business person, but as a mom the least I can do is help my son keep a sharp image as part of his success.  If you too like any of these items, here’s how you can find them.  Happy holidays folks!

Featured Products:

1. Laundry Bag:  Laundry Carry Pack with Coin Pouch by Homz

2.  Garment Rack:  Double Rod Closet by Whitmor

3.  Pant Presser:  Deluxe Digital Fabric Steam Press by Vornado Air

4.  Slack Rack:  Rolling Pant Trolley

5.  Valet Stand:  Walnut Designer Valet by Richards Homewares

Saving Precious Space with Sweater Bags

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a mansion, the problem of efficient and handy storage is all too familiar, especially if you have twenty aunties giving you twenty reindeer sweaters any given Christmas.

Of course, you don’t want to hurt their feelings by donating these treasures to the community scarecrow clothing drive; you may also want to keep those on hand for that Antarctic expedition where you were planning to attire underprivileged penguins. At the same time, you may have indulged more than a few times by getting some fancy cashmere cardigans, and now mold, dust and moths take whimsically ominous shapes in your increasingly frequent nightmares.

Clear Vinyl Sweater Bag

Clear Vinyl Sweater Bag

Fortunately, containing hideous knitwear and protecting your cherished designer garbs is equally convenient with the help of zippered garment bags.  They come in all shapes and sizes, offering a simple yet effective answer to an otherwise frustrating task. Come to think of it, those baby blankets, onesies, small stuffed toys and other infant items that are waiting to be handed down to a worthy successor can also use a safe and easy storage solution.

My personal pick is this set of 6 clear vinyl sweater bags from Stacks and Stacks. Transparent design lets you quickly tell the difference between your all-time favorite apparel and the stuff you picture maybe using one day down the road. Heavy duty vinyl makes sure that no matter how heavily armed the dust mites may be, they’re not getting through. Self-correcting zippers forgive an occasional lapse in judgment, like trying to fit a cruise ship into a garment bag.

If you let your imagination run rampant, you may find a gazillion other uses for these storage champions. I, for one, inflate a myriad of little balloons and trap them in these bags in colorful arrangements. That serves no purpose whatsoever, but a girl needs a hobby.