Portable Garment Racks

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Portable Garment Racks – Convenient Temporary or Permanent Clothing Storage

Portable garment racks give you instant clothes hanging storage in temporary or “unideal” situations. Say you have a visitor who is spending a few months with you. You give them the spare attic room but there’s no built-in closet, as you normally use it for crafting. Of course you want your guest to be comfortable and convenienced, but you probably don’t want to build a custom closet. Solution? Portable garment racks.

portable zippered garment rack

They come in enclosed and freestanding, open styles – and in a range of prices. Say your new college apartment is under-equipped with closets and you just need some extra closet space. Again, portable garment racks are the idea storage solution. The cool part is you can repurpose them later when your living situation changes, or you find that dream apartment with all the storage space you need.

Portable garment racks are also ideal for off-season storage. In the winter, use it as a basement coat rack to store all your outerwear. Hunting clothes are another garment that you don’t need year-round. Just put them in a portable, zippered garment rack and forget about them until deer hunting seasons opens again.


This lightweight, portable rack is ideal for student-housing situations and only costs $22.99 – great for poor students with money left over for books and lunch. It has wheels for easy mobility and assembles in just a little bit of time with the help of a screwdriver.

Portable garment racks come in a variety of sizes and configurations for short or long-term clothing storage. Check them out at Organize-It.

Clothing storage to fit your space and style

Finding the perfect clothing storage is essential. You want something that is going to fit your wardrobe, but also fit the style and space of your closet or bedroom. 

While garment racks remain an excellent choice for large wardrobes, they’re not always a great fit decor wise. But there can be middle ground between the simple garment rack and large, bulky dressers or wardrobes. And I’ve found it!

Storage shelves and bins 

Chest of drawers, storage shelf — whatever you choose to call them, this style of clothing storage is perfect for any space. You can find these shelves in a million different styles and easily customize them to fit your needs. Choose the number of bins you use, how they’re arranged and even use two units together to create a bigger storage piece.

My most recent find are these Bamboo Storage Towers. Available in a 43 inch by 13 inch style or a 34 inch by 18 style, both of these tall chest of drawers include four bins. These shelves are constructed from environmentally friendly bamboo with a natural finish that brings a classic accent to any decor. The wider shelf comes with two small bins and two large bins, perfect for containing clothes, accessories, handbags and more. The taller of the two comes with four the smaller bins.

These shelves are great as space-conserving secondary clothing storage in your bedroom, but they also work great in closets or even master bathrooms.

These shelves are great because they have the efficiency of a classic storage shelf or garment rack, but they offer a stylish alternative that blends in great with the comfy decor of any bedroom. It doesn’t look like plain old storage — but it still performs the task.

Find these products and more like them at StacksandStacks.com.

5 Must Have Closet Organizers

Are you feeling fed up with your closet?  Is it hard for you to find articles of clothing or shoes and is everything getting crushed and wrinkled?  I’m here to help folks.

If you’re about to undertake a closet makeover and you’ve done some research, then you’ve learned that there is a MULTITUDE of closet organization products.  And I know it can get overwhelming, trying to decide what’s best for you.  This post is dedicated to those who (like myself) are living with a bare bones closet that doesn’t have built in shelves or cabinets.  It’s time for you to make your closet more functional and organized!

Here are my recommendations for turning a nightmare closet into the closet of your dreams:

1.  Hanging Shelves – usually made from canvas, these products give you an instant way to store folded clothing in the closet.  If you’ve run out of dresser space for sweaters and jeans, you don’t have to stuff them into the drawers.  Hanging shelves maximize your closet’s potential, keep clothes in easy reach, and free up space in your drawers.

2. Shoe Rack – there are many schools of thought on how to best keep your shoes organized, and I would say it comes down to a case by case basis.  But overall, I believe in the traditional floor shoe rack which goes along the bottom of your closet.  There isn’t much else you can use that space for and without a shoe rack, your shoes will be in a messy pile.  And we’re trying to fix that here!

3.  Closet Doubling Rods – probably one of the most essential closet organizers!  You can get an extra rod that hangs below the built in one, giving you twice the hanging space.  Hang shorter items like blouses and sweaters here, and they won’t overlap.  I have always trusted in this Double Hanging Closet Rod.


4.  Tie/Belt Racks – undoubtedly, you are the owner of several ties, belts and scarves.  Hang them up so they remain untangled and easy to access with something like this Accessory Rack.

5.  Shelf Organizers – even a basic closet usually has a shelf running across the top, over the clothing rod.  To make the best use of this space, purchase shelf baskets to line the top.  I use mine for holding out of season clothing, bathing suits, hats and winter gloves, and more.  Trust me, it will look so tidy and clean!

So if you’re feeling lost when it comes to closet organization, start with these five suggestions.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with fancy systems for now, just stick with the basics and you will see a huge improvement!

Seasonal Clothing Storage 101

garment bagsA great way to keep your closets clutter-free is to store your out of season clothing elsewhere.  That means, during the winter your summer clothes go into storage and vice versa during the summer.  Don’t worry if you do not have a garage, there are plenty of places to find storage around the home – you just need to know where to look for it!  When it comes to managing clutter, especially when it comes to clothing, I absolutely treasure garment bags, which come in various styles.  Some garment bags hang over the closet rod to keep long coats and dresses stored, while others are designed for packing up sweaters and keeping them under the bed.

Ideally (if you have a garage) you should keep a garment rack in the garage for hanging items.  That way, all you have to do is transfer the hanging clothes to the garment rack and zip them up in some sort of protective storage bag.  You’ll want that bag to have good strong seams, somewhat rigid to maintain shape, and be transparent so you can see through to what’s inside.  Never go the easy route and use garbage bags, folks, you’ll regret it!  If you do not have a garage for storing seasonal clothes, you will have to be a little more creative.  But it is not difficult – utilize space under the bed, under the sofa, in a hall closet, etc.

Space Bags and other containers which use a vacuum to suck out the air are a dream come true for people with limited storage space.  Use those to hold your sundresses and tanks in the winter and your sweaters and scarves in the summer.  No matter how you go about it, you are sure to find that storing seasonal clothes is the key to having an organized and de-cluttered closet!

Giant Plastic Clothes Hangers – Good For All Clothes

Growing up, my family was very poor.  There are certain things in my adult life that I absolutely reject, because they remind me of growing up poor.  For example, I can no longer stand the taste of natural peanut butter.  You know, the kind that comes with a layer of oil on top and you have to mix it for hours and it still tastes awful?  Another thing is red apples.  The cheap ones that have a half inch thick layer of wax on the top and are bland and mealy on the inside.  Bless my parents for providing me with healthy food as a child, but being young, I just could not understand why a nice Granny Smith or Gala was out of the question.

giant plastic clothes hangers

giant plastic clothes hangers

But the biggest one is metal clothes hangers!  The kind that come from the dry cleaners.  And no, our metal coat hangers did not come from our dry cleaning (because we simply didn’t send our clothes to the dry cleaner – being poor) they came as hand-me-downs from other peoples’ dry cleaning.  They’re awful!  They snag clothes, bend up under weight, and just look ugly.  And good luck hanging delicates from those metal clothes hangers, you might as well throw that lovely spaghetti-strap little black dress straight onto the floor!
So, now that I’m an adult I treat myself to the luxury of not using metal clothes hangers.  Sure, most people wouldn’t consider that a luxury, but I do.  My favorite alternative to metal clothing hangers is the plastic kind with the notches.  Not the plastic hangers with little wimpy hooks for straps, but the actual cutouts that keep garments firmly in place.  I found these giant plastic hangers and was so pleased with the first set of twelve, that I bought five more sets!
There are so many things I appreciate about these white plastic hangers. First, they all look tidy and uniform hanging on the rod in the closet.  Second, they are oversized which is perfect for my collection of jackets and coats.  They even work great with my husband’s suits!  Third, their cutouts for straps are perfectly designed.  Not only do they have a notch for sliding things in, but an additional little hook so I can choose whichever way works best for my needs. Most of all, this set of twelve plastic clothing hangers so affordable!  You only pay nine bucks for the whole set.

Organize Your Closet With A Heavy Duty Vinyl Storage Bag

One of the best ways to keep an organized and tidy closet is to store seasonal clothing elsewhere, like in the garage or under the bed.  Even if your closet is not cramped with clothes, it still makes a lot of sense to keep on hand just the pieces you’ll need, given the season.  So in the summer, my jackets and sweaters go into storage (except for a few light pieces for those rare cool summer nights) and likewise with tanks, shorts and sun dresses in the winter.  Not only does this free up space in my closet, but I find to be it easier and less distracting when picking out outfits.  And this may or may not happen for you, but I also find that every time I open that box of seasonal clothing, it is like getting all new clothes!
Now, cardboard boxes are not a good idea for seasonal clothing storage.  The first problem presented by cardboard boxes is water damage.  You just never know if a ceiling will leak or if the garage will accidentally flood.  Mildew is virtually impossible to rid from clothing, so it is just not worth taking the chance.  And there are many other problems related to storing your seasonal clothes in a cardboard box.  Vermin could get into them, they could get squashed, or even given away during a spontaneous spring cleaning project.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Clothes Storage Bag

Heavy Duty Vinyl Clothes Storage Bag

I only store my seasonal pieces in vinyl storage bags, such as this Heavy Duty Vinyl Clothes Storage Bag.   Sure, it is obvious why these are the ideal storage solution for clothes and blankets, but I will give you the insider’s perspective on what is so great about them.

·         Being able to see clearly to the inside is a HUGE help!
·         The zipper placement creates a very large opening for getting things in and out in a flash.
·         They’re soft sided for fitting into tight spaces, but they are also quite sturdy so I can stack multiple units.

Review: Frameless Suit Bag

Frameless Suit Bag

Frameless Suit Bag

Finding more storage space in your home can seem like an impossible task, especially when it comes to seasonal clothing. Bulky winter coats, sweaters and boots can be especially difficult to store. Often it’s more of a challenge to find the extra room than it is to figure out how to store it. When every possible inch of closet space is full it’s time to get creative!

Sweaters bags are a must for storing your favorite knits. Easily stretched out by hangers, sweaters are best stored folded flat. Make sure they have been properly clean before packing them up so no moth damage occurs. Storage bags are also a useful when traveling, you can pack all your shirts together or use them to keep outfits organized, then towards the end of the trip you can use them to store dirty clothes.

Garment racks are an easy way to gain clothes storage when closets are full. Ideal for using in bedrooms when you live in an older home without closets or want to create additional storage in an extra room or garage. To keep clothes in good condition add a Frameless Suit Bag that creates a portable, mini closet. A frameless zippered suit bag from Stacks and Stacks is easy to transport and doesn’t take up as much room as a dresser or wardrobe. Clear vinyl design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Under bed storage bins are a great way to make the most of unused space. Slide out bins with lift tops are an easy way to store items you don’t need everyday. Add risers underneath your bed frame and you can gain a few more inches of storage for larger bins. Platform bed frames with built in drawers are an even more convenient form of under bed storage. Easy to open drawers make it good storage for items you need more regularly, like sweaters or shoes.