Maximize your wardrobe with a clothes drying rack

I’ll admit, it may seem strange to add a drying rack to your closet, but if you struggle with limited space, hear me out. I have lived in rentals of all sizes and I have had to get creative with my clothes storage more than once. One of the more convenient ideas that I had during my time as a seasoned renter was the clothes drying rack. There was one bedroom in particular that had no closet whatsoever. I had a small dresser for the basics, but there are a few pieces that just had to be hung up. I kept them in the laundry room for a short period, but it was too inconvenient in the mornings when I got dressed. Then it dawned on me — why not move that rack to my bedroom?

So I did some searching and I found a tension rod style drying rack that was perfect. This slim design fit perfectly in a corner of my bedroom, allowing me tons of vertical space without cluttering up treasured floor space.

The unique style features multiple arms that can be swung around and pointed in any direction. Tucked in the corner, I would turn them all in towards the wall and only swing them out when I was searching for something. This not only allowed me space, but let me keep it flush with the wall so it didn’t jut out into the room.

I bring this idea up because I recently moved into a smaller home. It has all the features I love, but I compromised a little on storage. I knew going in that was something I could work on. Once again, it proves how important maintaining proper organization is. By cutting down my wardrobe (how often do you really wear that those leather pants) and utilizing organizers in creative ways, I can enjoy the things I love about my smaller home.

This rack would work wonders in any tight space: small closets, laundry rooms (of course) and like I said, the bedroom.

If you’re troubled by a clutter, organization or storage issue, try to think outside of the box and around the house.



Clothing storage to fit your space and style

Finding the perfect clothing storage is essential. You want something that is going to fit your wardrobe, but also fit the style and space of your closet or bedroom. 

While garment racks remain an excellent choice for large wardrobes, they’re not always a great fit decor wise. But there can be middle ground between the simple garment rack and large, bulky dressers or wardrobes. And I’ve found it!

Storage shelves and bins 

Chest of drawers, storage shelf — whatever you choose to call them, this style of clothing storage is perfect for any space. You can find these shelves in a million different styles and easily customize them to fit your needs. Choose the number of bins you use, how they’re arranged and even use two units together to create a bigger storage piece.

My most recent find are these Bamboo Storage Towers. Available in a 43 inch by 13 inch style or a 34 inch by 18 style, both of these tall chest of drawers include four bins. These shelves are constructed from environmentally friendly bamboo with a natural finish that brings a classic accent to any decor. The wider shelf comes with two small bins and two large bins, perfect for containing clothes, accessories, handbags and more. The taller of the two comes with four the smaller bins.

These shelves are great as space-conserving secondary clothing storage in your bedroom, but they also work great in closets or even master bathrooms.

These shelves are great because they have the efficiency of a classic storage shelf or garment rack, but they offer a stylish alternative that blends in great with the comfy decor of any bedroom. It doesn’t look like plain old storage — but it still performs the task.

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Modular Storage Systems 101

Every year at “back to school” time, I like to take on a new project.  With the kids away at school every day, I finally have a little time to refocus my energy on household tasks.  The two biggest problem areas in my home are always the laundry room and my closet.  And when it comes to my closet especially, I can’t stand disorganization!

My closet storage project began with me looking for a new dresser.  I wanted something to go in the closet, because I’m tired of the bulky dresser we already have taking up valuable space in the bedroom.   I want to free it up for a comfy and stylish accent chair or maybe a decorative chest with pretty little things displayed on top.  The problem is that most dressers aren’t built to go inside the closet.  I’ve looked everywhere and even though some came close, there was always something not quite right about them.

modularThen I remembered closet modular storage!  This is what a picky shopper and control freak like myself needs.  I can customize every aspect of my clothing storage solution, and I don’t have to search anymore for a dresser that fits my needs.

Now, some people are apprehensive about setting up a modular storage system – I totally get that, I had the same fears.  But it’s really just a matter of visualizing and accurate measuring.

You just have to have a clear idea of what you need and it’s as simple as making a list.  Then, just measure your space and it helps to make a drawing.  You don’t have to be good artist!  If you can draw a stick figure, you can draw up a plan for your new closet storage system.

Morning Go Smoother With An Organized Closet

When starting to outfit your first apartment there are a lot of basic closet storage items you simply can’t go without. Investing in items that are durable and can be used for years to come means you won’t have to waste time and money replacing cheaper alternative. Having the right storage tools makes life and getting dressed a lot simpler.

Giant Hanger - 12 Pack - White Plastic Hangers

Giant Hanger – 12 Pack – White Plastic Hangers

When outfitting the closet it’s important to have the essentials, from the right hangers to the proper shoe storage. Don’t mess around with dinky hangers that don’t keep your shirts off the closet floor. Use the Giant Hanger – 12 Pack – White Plastic Hangers to keep everything from jackets to dresses in their place and ready to wear. Built in hooks keep the straps of dresses where they should be, while the wide design of this hanger means clothes can’t easily slip off.

Shoes shouldn’t be stored in a pile on the floor, you can use anything from an over the door shoe rack to a floor shoe rack to ensure each pair maintains its shape. Modular racks are a great option for a growing shoe collection and that way you don’t have to get rid of your old rack when you have to many shoes to fit on it.

Does your closet have a built in shelf? It can be hard to keep items organized on an open shelf. Add some dividers so you can keep everything from handbags to sweaters neatly stored. Need additional shelf space? Consider adding a hanging shelf to store anything from shoes to shirts.

These tools give you what you need to keep your wardrobe organized and give you a head start on a fabulous closet. With these items you’re on your way to the closet of your dreams!

A Supreme Solution to Clothes Storage

For an all around all star garment rack, the 36″ Supreme Clothes Closet is the way to go!  This sturdy garment rack can be used for endless amounts of clothes storage needs.  I love the clear cover on it, as it protects your garments which allows it to be used in moist areas like the garage.

36" Supreme Clothes Closet

36" Supreme Clothes Closet

The clear cover also allows you to see what you have stored inside, a major plus when you are looking for something that you have not worn in a while.  The other nice thing about this garment rack cover in particular is that it zips down the middle.  Usually the ones I’ve seen zip around from the bottom around the top, so you are forced to undo the whole thing if the garment happens to be hanging on the wrong side of the unit.  The casters make it portable, another great feature, especially if you are using it in the garage where you will likely want to roll it in and out of place to save space.
Here are some ideas of how you can use this handy clothes closet:
•         In the Guest Room:  If you don’t have a formal guest room, you can use this garment rack to turn any room into a guest room.  Think the office, basement, or crafting room.  These types of rooms often don’t have a closet built into the walls, so your guests will be very happy to have a place to hang their clothes.
•         Garage:  There are a ton of uses for this clothes storage rack in the garage.  Usually people use them for out of season clothing, or “fancy” clothes (think prom dresses and suits) that you don’t need access to very often.  Another great idea is to use it to hang up all of your sporting equipment.  Uniforms that you aren’t currently using, etc.  Winter coats can even find a summer home in this great garment rack, keeping them safe until the next season!