Use a clothes valet to protect professional clothing

A nice suit doesn’t just hang on a hanger. It deserves to be on display, to be kept pristine and ready to go. Suit valets are classic wardrobe accessories, not just for your grandfather.

Clothes valets are an excellent way to protect expensive business or professional wear. There are multiple styles and any one of them may be the perfect match for you and your home.

Valet chair

These comfortable valets are the best of both worlds. The storage capacity allows you to hang your freshly pressed suit and accessories, while the chair offers a place to sit and lace your shoes. This valet chair features a wooden coat hanger, metal pants rack, two hangers for your tie and/or belt, plus a drawer under the seat to tuck in shoes, socks and more. The padded chair seat

Valet stand with outlet

This valet does it all. Be ready to go in the morning, with your suit and accessories ready to go — plus, leave your electronics plugged in and have them fully charged in the morning. This wardrobe valet features a three-outlet extension cord that is perfect for your iPod, cellphone, tablet and more. The valet itself features a coat hanger and pants rack, plus a ledge to store accessories.


How To Keep Your Home Green Even In The Heat

30-Line 210' Steel Clothesline - by Household Essentials

30-Line 210′ Steel Clothesline – by Household Essentials

What with running the air conditioner or having blowing fans throughout the house summer can seem like a difficult time to take any environmentally friendly steps around the house. That doesn’t have to be the case though! Make the most of that hot summer sun with items that span from the traditional to high tech.

Don’t waste money drying clothes in the dryer when a classic clothesline can do the job just as well. Adding a clothesline like the 5-Line Retractable Clothesline is a convenient way to gain drying space when it’s needed. This clothesline features a retractable design so the line can be stored out of sight when not in use.

Looking for a more heavy duty drying option? The 3″ Diameter Clothesline Post or the 30-Line 210′ Aluminum Clothesline provide lots of clotheslines for drying. These clotheslines are great for a larger yard with lots of space for a more permanent option. A clothing line is a must have in the summer when there are always towels from the pool that need to dry. Keeping clothes out of the dryer is also a good way to cut down on the wear and tear of drying in a dryer.

Like to enjoy the backyard at night? Save energy by choosing outdoor lights that stores up sunlight with built in solar panels so you can enjoy your garden night and day. Coming in a variety of designs and styles it’s easy to find lighting that looks great with your décor and works with your lighting needs. Consider using solar powdered lighting in the front yard as well. Light up your address plaque or front walkway with a solar powdered light so the light doesn’t have to pull power off the grid.

With a few small steps you cut back on energy use and energy bills which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Garment Rack of the Week has a Shelf!

This week’s choice has everything you want in a garment rack and more!  The Chrome Garment Rack with Top Shelf is an all around A+ choice for storing clothes in the bedroom, office, guest room or even out in the garage.  Why?  Well, let’s just start with style.  This garment rack has a fun, refreshing modern design to it.  The mixture of materials also gives it a mixture of colors and finishes, with chrome being the main highlight which we know is great for the contemporary style minded.

Chrome Garment Rack with Top Shelf

Chrome Garment Rack with Top Shelf

Read on to find out what else I love about this garment rack:

Casters – I think that every garment rack should come with wheels on it like this one does.  Let’s face it, you will always have a need to move it in and out of the way, no matter where you are using it.  The casters make that job easy, and also make it easier to clean under.  If your garment rack is stationary, you are not going to vacuum under it, yet the dust will still be gathering down there.

Adjustability – This rack has arms that allow the total closet rod hanging space to adjust from 41.25″ to 66.75″, and it does so without looking bulky and imposing on the room too much.  You can draw those arms out when guests come to visit and then push them back in when they leave.

Shelf – I love it when there are additional storage methods incorporated into a garment rack.  This one has a shelf on top which is a great place to stack sweaters or t-shirts and other non-hanging items.  It also makes it a great choice for storing all of your uniforms and sporting equipment in the garage.
Shoe Rack – That’s Right!  This garment rack also has a shoe rack built in.  Need I say more?

An Extra Sturdy Garment Rack For Extra Storage

An overstuffed closet can present a number of problems for any person.  When you have too many garments hanging on the rack, they easily get wrinkled and forgotten about.  And it is pretty well known now that household clutter is a stress inducer for most people.  It tends to be a reminder of how out of control things have gotten.  De-cluttering around my house has not only become an activity I enjoy, but the more organized and tidy my home becomes, the more care free I am.

Steel Garment Rack with 2 Shelves and Hanging Rod by Intermetro

Steel Garment Rack with 2 Shelves and Hanging Rod by Intermetro

For me, the abundance of clothing I own has always been an issue.  What can I say, I like clothes!  And I have always had crowded, over filled closets with clothes smashed up against each other like sardines in a can.  Which always means more wasted time looking for an article of clothing and having to re-iron it.  My solution to this problem happened when I started storing my seasonal clothing in the garage.  Some items are multi-seasonal, but others really aren’t and you can afford to send them on a little vacation somewhere else in the house.
This steel garment rack with 2 shelves and hanging rod by Intermetro was a smart choice.  It is sturdy, but rolls around easily when I need it to, and it offers around forty eight inches of hanging space!  You can hang long and short garments on it, and you can store other seasonal items such as winter shoes and accessories on the top and bottom shelves.  I believe the shelves that are incorporated into the frame provide more stability all over, than you would get with regular clothing racks, which tend to be flimsy and tip over easily.  Also, it comes in either white or chrome so you can actually choose the one that suits your taste.

Make Use Of Unused Space With An Over-the-Door Garment Rack

Have clothes and shoes spilling out of your bedroom closet? Think you’ve run out of closet space? Well think again! There are countless ways to gain additional closet space for everything from shoes to clothing to accessories. Just a few creative storage tools and your closet will once again be manageable and used to it’s full potential.

Over-the-Door Garment Rack

Over-the-Door Garment Rack

When you find yourself stuffing hangers into place it might be time to add more rack space with the Over-the-Door Garment Rack. This rack makes the most of unused closet door space and can be added everywhere from the bedroom to the coat closet. A smaller rack is the perfect place to lay out clothes for the week so you don’t have to search through your wardrobe everyday for something to wear. Over door organizers can also provide storage for everything from a collection of hats or handbags or shoes. That way everything is on display and easy to find, rather than getting lost in the back of your closet.

Need even more hanger space? Consider a double rod to store shorter items of clothing like shirts, jackets or folded pants. Adding it to just one side of a closet quickly adds clothing space that can easily be removed when it is no longer needed. This is also ideal for gaining storage in coat closets where extra space often goes unused.

Make the most of closet shelves by adding stacking wire shelves that can double shelf space. Shelf dividers are another way to keep items organized and easy to grab, rather than having a messy disorganized space. If you have an extra foot of hanging space to spare in the closet a hanging closet organizer also adds shelf space for items that can’t be stored on hangers, like sweaters or purses. With the right tools a more manageable closet is within reach!

Get Those Hats In Order With The Over The Door Cap Rack

Anyone with children that played baseball or softball for years knows the issue that arises when it comes to storing all of those baseball caps. Each year your child plays for a team, they need to get a new hat. Some are lucky and their child plays for the same team year after year, allowing the parent to recycle hats from years past, and cutting down on the clutter in the home.

over the door cap rack that holds 36 caps

over the door cap rack that holds 36 caps

Unfortunately for me, in the nine years my three children have played ball, the option of recycling has not presented itself. Year after year, my children have been placed on a different team. We have rooted for the “Atlanta Braves”, the “Seattle Mariners”, the “Florida Marlins”, and even the “Akron Racers” (softball).

Add in the fact that every few years my husband has to do his best Tommy Lasorda impression and take up the role of general manger, the tally of hats my family has collected reaches an incredible, astounding 32 different hats! All of these hats are taking up tons of space in my hall closet (and every other closet in my home), and all are in desperate need for a home to call their own.

Enter the over the door cap rack that holds 36 caps. Not only is this cap rack extremely simple to install in the home, it has the incredible capacity to organize my family’s ridiculous ball cap accumulation (I hate to call something that is forced on you a “collection”).  With its unique design, it is able to be hung over a door, hung from the ceiling, used in a closet and more! One of my favorite features of this hat rack is that the clips are ventilated, which keeps the hats well aired out and free from mildew (very important when you have a teenaged boy!).

Over the Door Rack for Bulky Coats

Living in our nation’s third largest city, the bustling metropolis of Chicago is absolutely wonderful. There are just so many benefits to living in a bustling, faced paced, diverse urban center. I am always able to find things to do, places to see, food to eat, and I am never bored living in the city. This city is truly is one of the greatest places on earth. However, there is one serious drawback to living in Chicago.

over the door rack for clothes hanger

over the door rack for clothes hanger

For those that do not know, the Midwest has famously terrible weather. In the winter, it routinely gets below zero and the winds are bone chilling. In order to survive in this region of the United States, a full arsenal of heavy jackets is a must have. Without warm jackets, you will simply freeze; there is no way around it.

Unlike Antarctica, where a heavy jacket is a must have year-round, the summers in Chicago are equally brutal, but not for their chilliness. Summers in the Midwest get incredibly hot and humid making a jacket is the last thing you need taking up closet space.

This creates quite a large dilemma; where is one to store all of these heavy winter coats that are completely obsolete in the summer? A great solution for winter jacket storage is the over the door rack clothes hanger. This rack hangs over a closet or bedroom door, providing extra space for hanging coats, jackets and more.

The rack is made from coated metal, giving it excellent durability. This over the door storage rack has space for fifteen racks, and is able to support up to 40 pounds, which is plenty of strength for every one of my oversized down jackets.

This over the door rack and other space saving closet organizers can be found online at Stacks and Stacks!

Garment Racks For A Dream Closet

Creating a dream closet doesn’t mean you have to start big. Garment racks are an easy way to store clothes in smaller spaces like a studio and then become handy as your collection and storage space expands. When storing clothes in an open space organize clothes by type and then color to create an organized look that also makes it easy to coordinate in the morning. Place favorite pieces, like a dress or nice coat at either end to show them off. Really tight on space? Get creative and add closet organization shelves for storing anything that can’t be hung, like bags, shoes or sweaters.

medium duty 5ft z-rack clothing rack

medium duty 5ft z-rack clothing rack

When you finally have the closet space you need a garment rack can still by useful. Combine a rack with some garment bags to properly store seasonal clothing in a guest room. This makes it easy to keep the clothes you want to wear up front and center in your closet and protect out of season clothes. A garment rack also makes convenient clothing storage for a guest room that doesn’t have a closet. All you have to do is add some hangers and guests can easily unpack.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large closet or entire room to dedicate to your wardrobe than the storage options are limitless. A garment rack like the medium duty 5ft z-rack clothing rack is ideal for a dream closet. With a heavy duty design and set on casters this rack can easily be moved. Organize clothes by season, such as heavy winter coats on one rack and summer dresses on another, then rearrange these portable racks so you have easy access to season appropriate clothes.

For wardrobes big or small a garment rack can help get organized and store clothes so they are ready to wear for years to come.

Versatile Clothing Racks for Gaining Storage

Portable clothing racks run the gamut from stylish to inconspicuous and are a great way to gain clothing storage when you need it most. These hooks can be used to organize clothes, allow them to air dry or provide additional storage. Try a removable door hook or a more permanent option like a wall mounted one to suit your storage needs.

For small, occasional storage try the folding instahanger clothes drying rack. When placed on the back of a closet door it can be used to store a freshly pressed suit or outfit so you have everything you need to get dressed. This hanger can also be used to dry clothes in the laundry room, with a long bar that holds plenty of hangers.


For occasional storage that can be used throughout the home try an over the door hook that can be carried from room to room, depending on where you need it. Use one in the closet to organize an outfit or in the laundry room to hang clothes. Gain additional coat storage in your hall closet or an extra towel rack in the bathroom. These hooks are ideal for situations where you only need a small amount of extra storage.

A department store style clothing rack set on casters is a fun way to store clothes, and provides more closet space. Place the rack at an angle in the corner of a room, store it in a guestroom for additional storage space or use it as a coat rack for your next party. Use it to display your favorite pieces and make dressing fun.


Gain storage for a handful of hangers or an entire closet full, simply choose a rack to fit your clothing needs. In no time at all you’ll have manageable closets that make finding the clothes you need easy!

Luggage Racks are a Different Kind of Garment Rack

folding luggage rack by winsome trading company

folding luggage rack by winsome trading company

Let’s face it, sometimes you want to put a garment rack in the guest room to make your overnight visitors more comfortable, especially in rooms where there is no closet (such as the office), but you just don’t have the space.  And in fact you might actually be reducing the comfort level in the room by adding bulky organizers!  If you’re in this boat, then a luggage rack, like this folding luggage rack by winsome trading company might just be the solution you’ve been looking for!  A luggage rack technically is a garment rack, it’s just in a different form.  I think luggage racks are a fun addition to the guest room or office or bedroom, because they make the room look just like a hotel room, a fun way to show your overnight visitors that you really and truly care about their comfort level!  When choosing a luggage rack, there are so many different styles and price points, how to choose?
Here are some things to think about when purchasing your first luggage rack:
•    Style – Yes!  Luggage racks can serve a style purpose in the home.  For example, if you have a contemporary styled bedroom, look for metal or wood racks with clean, modern lines.  If you have a traditionally styled home, a wooden luggage rack with fabric straps may be the way to go for a country or French cottage feel.
•    Folding – I always recommend that people choose a luggage stand that folds.  This way you can keep it in the back of the closet when you are not hosting overnight guests.  Otherwise you are talking about adding a little bit of clutter to the room that is simply unnecessary.
•    Price – A very cheap luggage rack is probably not a good idea – how embarrassing would that be if guests set their suitcase on the rack and it broke?  Very.  I would go mid-range.  Above a certain price point, any added benefit is probably just aesthetic.