Product of the Week: Organizer Kit for College Students

Could it be that time again?  We’re getting close to back-to-school time, folks!

It may only be late July, but back to school season sneaks up faster than you think! If you’re a student heading off to the dorms this year, or the parent of a future collegiate, it’s time to start thinking about the necessities.

When most young adults move out on their own for the first time, they are shocked at first by all their new grown up responsibilities (I know I was!).  But there’s nothing to fear, any college student needs is some basic tools.  Just like they will need notebooks, pencils, graphing calculators and other school supplies.

Preparing them for dorm life is easier than ever with the Organization Kit by Honey Can Do.

dormkitThis starter kit takes out all the guesswork for a teenager who’s getting used to living away from home.  Mom can’t do your laundry anymore, and no one’s going to remind you to clean your room!  Luckily, no instructions are needed for these closet and room organizers.

In the kit you get an over-the-door shoe rack (hint: the pockets are also handy for small accessories), a hanging closet shelf with removable drawers, and two mesh hampers.  That’s right, TWO!

Wait, why two?  Well, you could use one for bigger items like towels and bed linens and use the other for clothing.  Or use one to store laundry in your room, and the other for toting it to the laundromat.  See kids, it’s really not difficult.

Now go out there, follow your dreams, study hard and change the world!  Academics will keep you busy enough – you shouldn’t have to stress over keeping your dorm organized too.

Save Space In Your Closet

I absolutely hate it when I run out of closet space in my bedroom and just cannot find a good place to keep my newest garments. They always end up strewn messily across the floor, giving my home the look of a Hazmat site. Sometimes I try to save my floors from the disastrous mess and stuff my clothes into drawers, giving my room a false sense of order. In reality though, the drawers are so stuffed full of socks, shirts, skirts, slips and shorts that I cannot even pull the drawer out to see what is contained within.

One solution for this clothing catastrophe is to purchase loads of bins to place all of your clothes into. The problem with this solution to clothes storage is twofold. For one, bins still take up a ton of space in your closet or bedroom, therefore not really solving the problem at all; two, bins can be hard to organize and make it difficult to find what you are looking for, especially early in the morning when you are all groggy and haven’t had your coffee yet.

4-tier skirt hanger

4-tier skirt hanger

The perfect solution to closet and bedroom storage issues is to maximize your closet by using tiered hangers. With tiered hangers, you can place multiple garments in nearly the same amount of space as just one! There are all kinds of tiered hangers, including tiered shirt hangers, tiered slacks hangers or even a 4-tier skirt hanger.

With all the extra closet and bedroom space you will save by using tiered hangers, just think of all the options you have to recreate the space: You could turn part of your closet into a dark room, or a mini recording studio, or better yet, for you ladies you could turn the closet into a vanity room.
Find all sorts of tiered clothes hangers online at, under the metal hangers category.

How my Laundry Valet Rod saved Christmas

Laundry Valet Rod

Laundry Valet Rod

No, this isn’t a fairy tale about a little magic clothes hanger that helped Santa by leading all the reindeer through a foggy night. No! This is a true tale of how a little metal hanger saved my first holiday experience with the in-laws (and maybe my marriage).

Well, it all started last year when I was living in the frigid and damp environs of Boston, MA. The sort of place you always need a coat in the winter, and in turn, a sturdy clothes hanger for the substantial weight of my puffy jacket collection.

My newly-minted in laws were coming into town for the holidays, and being from sunny California, boy did they bring a lot of extra winter wear! We saw the sights of Bean Town and had decided to go out for dinner on Christmas Eve and my father in law chose to wear his favorite leather jacket, handed down for generations. I decided the weather looked clear enough and we should just hoof it home. While walking back to our apartment we were caught in a white-out blizzard, leaving my father-in-law’s jacket soaked, and near ruin.

Luckily I had planned ahead and purchased the Laundry Valet Rod! This strong metal hanger really came in handy when we needed to drip dry that leather jacket. My favorite part is that we were able to fit all of our jackets onto just one of these wall mounted metal hangers, with plenty of room for my aforementioned puffy jacket collection (I now have eight). I was able to adjust the rod to hang the jackets horizontally, allowing them to drip on my brand new carpet instead of onto each other! The next morning every jacket on the clothes hanger was dry as a bone. I was impressed with how my valet rod had saved the day. It came with an oil rubbed bronze finish and was made from chrome plated steel, purchased from the gang at Stacks and Stacks!

So ends my tale: the leather jacket was saved, drip drying away on the Laundry Valet Rack. In turn, Christmas was saved and my in-laws were in awe of my foresight.