Hanging Canvas Dress Bags for Unbeatable Garment Protection

If you are anything like me, your closet probably resembles a battlefield and you are not winning that battle. Dress shirts hang next to cocktail dresses next to coats next to Halloween costumes, and so on. Unless your closet was designed by an obsessive-compulsive control freak, it probably has but a garment rod and couple of shelves on top, making it difficult to stay clutter-free.

There is light at the end of the tunnel: nowadays, a wide variety of organizing solutions are available for the ones who are not willing to take it from haphazard architects. My all-time favorites are hanging canvas dress bags, which make it easy to sort a vast frock collection by occasion, season or color.

Hanging Canvas Dress Bag

Hanging Canvas Dress Bag

Great for storing special event attire, putting your summer dresses away for the winter or winter coats away for the summer, these closet organizers keep your important apparel isolated from odors, dust and pests for as long as your heart desires. This feature is especially important for pet owners, for as you may know, dog and particularly cat hair has this amazing ability to get onto anything not locked away in a top security government vault, easily ruining first impressions and smudging your reputation with the in-laws.

And if you ever owned a wool or fur coat, you are probably aware of how fast it can be chewed up by pesky moths, leaving you in utter despair. Still, there’s no reason to wear exclusively nylon and poly, for you have dignity and you have options. My pick is this hanging canvas dress bag. Made of breathable cotton and featuring a clear front, it takes guesswork out of finding the one right outfit in however great an amassment of garbs – get yours at Stacksandstacks! Now if only they came up with a cure for procrastination, we would live in a perfect world.

Take a Closer Look – Covered Garment Racks

This week I’d like to give you a closer look at a very convenient and helpful garment rack. This covered garment rack is ideal for storing and organizing your out of season clothing. There are many desirable features about this rack, the most important being the canvas covering. The cover offers the ultimate protection from dust, bugs and odor. The zipper allows easy access and the rolling casters enable you to put it wherever is best for you. Another fun feature is the side slots inside the cover for cedar boards. The cedar boards will keep your clothes smelling refreshed while being stored for any period of time.  Fifty pounds is the maximum weight the rack can hold, so it’s not really for heavy storage or commercial use.

Making your own garment rack cover is also an option. With a sewing machine and supplies you can make a custom cover for a garment rack you already have around the house. You can easily close the garment rack with fabric ties instead of a zipper. The cover you make can be washable, removable and have your personal touch.