New Product Alert! Get kids organizing early on…

Whenever I see new organizing products for kids, I wish we’d had cute things like this when I was little…

elephantI think at best, my room had the standard dresser, bookshelf and closet. My sister and I actually shared the bedroom, so besides our beds, we pretty much didn’t have anything to ourselves.

This Elephant Ensemble by Innovative Home might have prevented some of our arguments over space and territory.  It has the basics: a clothing hamper, storage cube, waste basket and hanging storage basket with tiers. If we’d had this sort of thing, we might have been more enthusiastic about keeping our room clean.

And especially because it comes in other cute kid-friendly designs, each of us could have had our own theme, making it extra special.

I mean, why not learn about organizing early on? You learn to tie your shoes, make your bed, stuff like that. Obviously, no child is going to put organizing at the top of their list of favorite things to do (most of us adults don’t even feel that way about it), but it couldn’t hurt to guide them in that direction with cute organizers for their bedroom.

I know that I feel more inclined to stay organized when I have attractive looking containers and organizers, so maybe our kids can feel the same way?

A Winter Closet Project

The holidays are over, and for me that means it’s time for a new project…

An overstuffed closet can present a number of problems for any person.  When you have too many garments hanging on the rack, they easily get wrinkled and forgotten about.  And it is pretty well known now that household clutter is a stress inducer for most people.  It tends to be a reminder of how out of control things have gotten.  De-cluttering around my house has not only become an activity I enjoy, but the more organized and tidy my home becomes, the more care free I am.

For me, the abundance of clothing I own has always been an issue.  What can I say, I like clothes!  And I have always had crowded, over filled closets with clothes smashed up against each other like sardines in a can.  Which always means more wasted time looking for an article of clothing and having to re-iron it.  My solution to this problem happened when I started storing my seasonal clothing in the garage.  Some items are multi-seasonal, but others really aren’t and you can afford to send them on a little vacation somewhere else in the house.
intermetroThis steel garment rack with 2 shelves and hanging rod by Intermetro was a smart choice.  It is sturdy, but rolls around easily when I need it to, and it offers around forty eight inches of hanging space!  You can hang long and short garments on it, and you can store other seasonal items such as winter shoes and accessories on the top and bottom shelves.  I believe the shelves that are incorporated into the frame provide more stability all over, than you would get with regular clothing racks, which tend to be flimsy and tip over easily.

Also, it comes in either white or chrome so you can actually choose the one that suits your taste.

Modular Storage Systems 101

Every year at “back to school” time, I like to take on a new project.  With the kids away at school every day, I finally have a little time to refocus my energy on household tasks.  The two biggest problem areas in my home are always the laundry room and my closet.  And when it comes to my closet especially, I can’t stand disorganization!

My closet storage project began with me looking for a new dresser.  I wanted something to go in the closet, because I’m tired of the bulky dresser we already have taking up valuable space in the bedroom.   I want to free it up for a comfy and stylish accent chair or maybe a decorative chest with pretty little things displayed on top.  The problem is that most dressers aren’t built to go inside the closet.  I’ve looked everywhere and even though some came close, there was always something not quite right about them.

modularThen I remembered closet modular storage!  This is what a picky shopper and control freak like myself needs.  I can customize every aspect of my clothing storage solution, and I don’t have to search anymore for a dresser that fits my needs.

Now, some people are apprehensive about setting up a modular storage system – I totally get that, I had the same fears.  But it’s really just a matter of visualizing and accurate measuring.

You just have to have a clear idea of what you need and it’s as simple as making a list.  Then, just measure your space and it helps to make a drawing.  You don’t have to be good artist!  If you can draw a stick figure, you can draw up a plan for your new closet storage system.

New Item Alert: Gullwing Drying Rack!

Back to school time is upon us, folks! 

For those of you who are sending your son or daughter off to their first year of college, you may have already dropped them off at the dorm.  Did you get them all set up with everything they’ll need for dorm life?  Twin XL size sheets, organizers for their cramped closets, maybe a comfortable desk chair or a new laptop?

What about laundry solutions – did you think of that?  First time dorm-dwellers need more than just a portable hamper for laundry day.  Remember, dorms don’t usually come with all the convenient items you have in your laundry room or home.  What about a drying rack?  These come in handy especially for girls, because they tend to have more delicate items like blouses and undergarments that cannot be machine dried.

gullwingI’d like to introduce you to the Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack.  Here are it’s many benefits:

1. It folds down for space saving storage, which every college student needs.

2. There are extra hooks and racks for laying sweaters flat or drying gym shoes.

3. The laundry drying rack holds a lot of clothes, so your son or daughter can choose to hang dry all of their clothes, which will save them money on laundry costs (and in the end, save YOU money, right?)

This is a great way for your first time college student to learn about independence and taking care of themselves away from home.  But, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you are thinking, This would be great in my own laundry room!  You’re absolutely right.

Product of the Week: Organizer Kit for College Students

Could it be that time again?  We’re getting close to back-to-school time, folks!

It may only be late July, but back to school season sneaks up faster than you think! If you’re a student heading off to the dorms this year, or the parent of a future collegiate, it’s time to start thinking about the necessities.

When most young adults move out on their own for the first time, they are shocked at first by all their new grown up responsibilities (I know I was!).  But there’s nothing to fear, any college student needs is some basic tools.  Just like they will need notebooks, pencils, graphing calculators and other school supplies.

Preparing them for dorm life is easier than ever with the Organization Kit by Honey Can Do.

dormkitThis starter kit takes out all the guesswork for a teenager who’s getting used to living away from home.  Mom can’t do your laundry anymore, and no one’s going to remind you to clean your room!  Luckily, no instructions are needed for these closet and room organizers.

In the kit you get an over-the-door shoe rack (hint: the pockets are also handy for small accessories), a hanging closet shelf with removable drawers, and two mesh hampers.  That’s right, TWO!

Wait, why two?  Well, you could use one for bigger items like towels and bed linens and use the other for clothing.  Or use one to store laundry in your room, and the other for toting it to the laundromat.  See kids, it’s really not difficult.

Now go out there, follow your dreams, study hard and change the world!  Academics will keep you busy enough – you shouldn’t have to stress over keeping your dorm organized too.

5 Must Have Closet Organizers

Are you feeling fed up with your closet?  Is it hard for you to find articles of clothing or shoes and is everything getting crushed and wrinkled?  I’m here to help folks.

If you’re about to undertake a closet makeover and you’ve done some research, then you’ve learned that there is a MULTITUDE of closet organization products.  And I know it can get overwhelming, trying to decide what’s best for you.  This post is dedicated to those who (like myself) are living with a bare bones closet that doesn’t have built in shelves or cabinets.  It’s time for you to make your closet more functional and organized!

Here are my recommendations for turning a nightmare closet into the closet of your dreams:

1.  Hanging Shelves – usually made from canvas, these products give you an instant way to store folded clothing in the closet.  If you’ve run out of dresser space for sweaters and jeans, you don’t have to stuff them into the drawers.  Hanging shelves maximize your closet’s potential, keep clothes in easy reach, and free up space in your drawers.

2. Shoe Rack – there are many schools of thought on how to best keep your shoes organized, and I would say it comes down to a case by case basis.  But overall, I believe in the traditional floor shoe rack which goes along the bottom of your closet.  There isn’t much else you can use that space for and without a shoe rack, your shoes will be in a messy pile.  And we’re trying to fix that here!

3.  Closet Doubling Rods – probably one of the most essential closet organizers!  You can get an extra rod that hangs below the built in one, giving you twice the hanging space.  Hang shorter items like blouses and sweaters here, and they won’t overlap.  I have always trusted in this Double Hanging Closet Rod.


4.  Tie/Belt Racks – undoubtedly, you are the owner of several ties, belts and scarves.  Hang them up so they remain untangled and easy to access with something like this Accessory Rack.

5.  Shelf Organizers – even a basic closet usually has a shelf running across the top, over the clothing rod.  To make the best use of this space, purchase shelf baskets to line the top.  I use mine for holding out of season clothing, bathing suits, hats and winter gloves, and more.  Trust me, it will look so tidy and clean!

So if you’re feeling lost when it comes to closet organization, start with these five suggestions.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with fancy systems for now, just stick with the basics and you will see a huge improvement!

Garment Rack and Closet Quotes

Once in a while, I like to have a little fun with this blog share my favorite quotes.  You might be surprised that there actually are some great quotes out there related to closet organizing and garment racks.

If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.” – George Bernard Shaw.  Well said.  This is of course about the metaphorical closet, but I love the idea that we don’t have to be ashamed of our “skeletons”.

I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.” – Sarah Jessica Parker.  Love that girl!  I’ll bet she has a fabulously organized closet for all her fabulous clothes.  That might be the inspiration for my next post – Celebrity Closets.  Hmmmmmm.

kaskadeA closet full of wire hangers can be the most dangerous place in the world.” – Paul Lynde.  I agree!  Best to get some nicer hangers like these Kascade Vertical Wood Hangers.  You can hang them along the rod of your closet or hang them vertically on each other to maximize closet space.  Plus the wood is much more sophisticated than metal or plastic hangers.

Behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry.” – Barbara Dale.  It’s true; whether you’re a working woman or a stay at home super-mom, we just can’t get everything done.  And for a lot of us, it’s laundry day which suffers the most!

I’ll leave you on that note because it got me thinking about this:  in today’s fast paced world we try and try really hard.  With almost endless resources to keeping our homes organized, it can be almost overwhelming at times.  Best we have a little fun and enjoy the ride, don’t you think?  That doesn’t mean abandon all of your household duties but lets cut ourselves some slack once in a while and have a good laugh!


New Product Alert! Simplicity Closet System

It’s time for us all to give in and admit that the standard one-rod closet just doesn’t work anymore. 

If it had, we wouldn’t have started inventing closet organizers like hanging shelves and shoe racks.  It has a nice idea and it served a purpose for many years but these days?  Well, there are a couple of issues.  One, we have more stuff.  Not just clothing, but accessories to go with them.  And we have seasonal clothes, formal wear casual wear, the list goes on!  And two, we simply have evolved and organization has become a part of our level of sanity and happiness.


Enter the Simplicity 12′ Closet Shelving System by John Louis Home.  It takes the guesswork out of creating a custom closet.  Everyone wants the look and convenience of a custom closet, but not everyone is clever when it comes to construction and designing.  Here are my favorite features:

*Quality, solid wood construction                              *Modern yet timeless wood finish options
*Adjustable shelf lengths
*Mounts anywhere, even outside of a closet

I know it seems intimidating to install a closet shelving system on your own, but the name Simplicity means it’s design to be easy for the average person, not carpenter.

Of course there are more complex versions available if you need something a little more elaborate and have someone to do the installation for you.  Either way, I believe amazing products like this further prove my point that no one is satisfied with the traditional closet.  And why should we be?  Look at all the benefits you get from a custom closet.  Everything is tidy and easy to find, plus you end up actually gaining closet space!  Someday (once we’ve really evolved) this kind of thing will be standard in all homes, even rental apartments.  No complaints here!

Garment Racks On The Go

Just because you’re going on a trip, doesn’t mean your clothes can’t be as organized away from home as they are at home…

Summer is just about here and most of us are planning at least one vacation.  Whether you’re going camping in the mountains or staying at a beach resort somewhere tropical, there’s a common issue.  We all want a better solution for keeping our clothes organized while traveling.  Sure, hotels have closets with hangers and most come with a dresser.  But is that enough?  It doesn’t seem to be enough at home which is why we have access to so many great closet organizers.

Here are some suggestions for making your closet away from home feel more like the closet at home:

Portable closet shelves perfect if you’re staying at a hotel or family/friend’s house.  Because they’re made of fabric, they folds down nice and flat to fit inside your suitcase.  At home, you would typically use a hanging shelf like this for your sweaters, jeans and shirts.  It’s designed to help you when you don’t have a dresser or have run out of space in the dresser.  Apply the same logic to your vacation.  You might be staying somewhere (like a friend’s house) where they have a place for you to sleep, but no dresser for you to store your clothing.  With a travel closet shelf, you don’t have to keep your clothes in the suitcase the whole time you’re away.

If your vacation involves spending a lot of time in the car (camping or road-tripping), I have a couple suggestions for keeping your clothes organized without a suitcase.  Put a plastic chest of drawers in your trunk area and it’s like having a dresser everywhere you go.  You can even take it out and put it inside your tent and it’ll feel a lot less like you’re “roughing it” out there!  Better yet, use the Auto Clothes Bar – Expandable Garment Rack in your car for hanging clothes.  You wont’ have to worry about nice suits and blouses getting wrinkled in a suitcase while on your road trip!

Remember, for every clothing storage issue there’s a solution – even when it comes to travel.  I hope your summer vacation is fun, safe and memorable!

Maximize Your Closet’s Storage Capacity



Running out of closet space is so annoying, right?  Especially when you get new clothes and are so excited to hang them up. They always end up strewn messily across the floor, giving my home the look of a Hazmat site. Sometimes I try to save my floors from the disastrous mess and stuff my clothes into drawers, giving my room a false sense of order. In reality though, the drawers are so stuffed full of socks, shirts, skirts, slips and shorts that I cannot even pull the drawer out to see what is contained within.

One solution for this clothing catastrophe is to purchase loads of bins to place all of your clothes into. The problem with this solution to clothes storage is twofold. For one, bins still take up a ton of space in your closet or bedroom, therefore not really solving the problem at all; two, bins can be hard to organize and make it difficult to find what you are looking for, especially early in the morning when you are all groggy and haven’t had your coffee yet.

The perfect solution to closet and bedroom storage issues is to maximize your closet by using tiered hangers. With tiered hangers, you can place multiple garments in nearly the same amount of space as just one! There are all kinds of tiered hangers, including tiered shirt hangers, tiered slacks hangers or even an Add-On Skirt and Blouse Hanger.


With all the extra closet and bedroom space you will save by using tiered hangers, just think of all the options you have to recreate the space: You could turn part of your closet into a dark room, or a mini recording studio, or better yet, for you ladies you could turn the closet into a vanity room.