Store Out Of Season Linens In Underbed Clothes Storage Chests

Whoever invented the idea of “under bed storage” is a genius in my book.

What did WE do before there was such a thing as an under the bed chest?  By “we” of course, I mean people like me who do not have a lot of storage space.  Because I am a “city person” I have always lived in small apartments, usually old dwellings that have limited closet space.  Sure these places have lots of wonderful, old character but really lacking in the storage space department.

Now, I have a weakness for linens, especially duvet covers, of which I have at least eight.  I like to change out my bed linens with the seasons because it is fun to have new looks going all the time.  Sometimes I even rearrange the artwork on my walls to coordinate with whatever bedding scheme I’m rocking.  But that is beside the point.

set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chest

set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chest

My dilemma became, “What to do with all these sheets and duvet covers I have collected?”  The solution to my problem arrived in the form of this set of 2 clear vinyl underbed clothes storage chests.  While these under bed chests are great for storing seasonal clothing such as sweaters and jackets, I have found them to be most essential to storing by extra linens.  I use a chest for each season of linens, and because they are clear I can easily see inside without having to open them up.  These underbed chests fit perfectly where they’re designed to go and when I have moved homes in the past, they simply pick up and go, so I don’t have to pack them in a box.
I encourage everyone to do the same as I did, and put that wasted space under the bed to good use!

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