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Maximize your wardrobe with a clothes drying rack

I’ll admit, it may seem strange to add a drying rack to your closet, but if you struggle with limited space, hear me out. I have lived in rentals of all sizes and I have had to get creative with my clothes storage more than once. One of the more convenient ideas that I had during my time as a seasoned renter was the clothes drying rack. There was one bedroom in particular that had no closet whatsoever. I had a small dresser for the basics, but there are a few pieces that just had to be hung up. I kept them in the laundry room for a short period, but it was too inconvenient in the mornings when I got dressed. Then it dawned on me — why not move that rack to my bedroom?

So I did some searching and I found a tension rod style drying rack that was perfect. This slim design fit perfectly in a corner of my bedroom, allowing me tons of vertical space without cluttering up treasured floor space.

The unique style features multiple arms that can be swung around and pointed in any direction. Tucked in the corner, I would turn them all in towards the wall and only swing them out when I was searching for something. This not only allowed me space, but let me keep it flush with the wall so it didn’t jut out into the room.

I bring this idea up because I recently moved into a smaller home. It has all the features I love, but I compromised a little on storage. I knew going in that was something I could work on. Once again, it proves how important maintaining proper organization is. By cutting down my wardrobe (how often do you really wear that those leather pants) and utilizing organizers in creative ways, I can enjoy the things I love about my smaller home.

This rack would work wonders in any tight space: small closets, laundry rooms (of course) and like I said, the bedroom.

If you’re troubled by a clutter, organization or storage issue, try to think outside of the box and around the house.



Welcome guests with the perfect entryway furniture

Expecting guests for Christmas? Make sure you have the space in your entryway for all of their stuff.

When I was a kid, my parents would always heap guests coats and bags in one, unmanageable pile on the bed in their bedroom. This set up is undesirable for many reasons. It makes it awkward for your guests and yourself. Not only do guests now have to break up the festivities to inquire about their belongings if they want to leave, but they are forced to dig for their jacket under the mess. Plus, it invites guests into parts of your home that, if you’re like me, you’d prefer they stay out of. Between dinner prep, cleaning the living room, bathroom and more, there is no time left to clean my bedroom when I’m expecting guests. So why invite them in there?

All of this is easily avoidable.Embedded image permalink

One simple Google search will show you that there are millions of ways to accomplish an accommodating foyer without construction. Simple pieces  of entryway furniture create vertical storage that is great for holidays or everyday use.

I want to draw attention to one multi-purpose entryway organizer in particular. This sleek black design from Whitmor covers all bases. It has hooks for coats, a drawer for personal items, shelves for bags or wallets and an umbrella cubby for wet items. Here are the specifics:

  • Constructed from durable, long-lasting wood in an espresso finish.
  • A single drawer gives you concealed storage space for accessories.
  • Three shelves offer space to store and display a wide array of items.
  • Eight double hooks at the top provide space to store coats and hats.
  • Bottom stand holds long umbrellas upright and securely in place.
  • Prevents you from tracking debris past the entryway of your home.
  • Instructions are included for a quick assembly process upon arrival.

I love this piece because it does so much and still looks good. It’s not clunky or over-sized; it looks great in small and large rooms alike and will always be helpful.

For more home organization tips, go to www.stacksandstacks.com/blog/.

New Product Alert! Get kids organizing early on…

Whenever I see new organizing products for kids, I wish we’d had cute things like this when I was little…

elephantI think at best, my room had the standard dresser, bookshelf and closet. My sister and I actually shared the bedroom, so besides our beds, we pretty much didn’t have anything to ourselves.

This Elephant Ensemble by Innovative Home might have prevented some of our arguments over space and territory.  It has the basics: a clothing hamper, storage cube, waste basket and hanging storage basket with tiers. If we’d had this sort of thing, we might have been more enthusiastic about keeping our room clean.

And especially because it comes in other cute kid-friendly designs, each of us could have had our own theme, making it extra special.

I mean, why not learn about organizing early on? You learn to tie your shoes, make your bed, stuff like that. Obviously, no child is going to put organizing at the top of their list of favorite things to do (most of us adults don’t even feel that way about it), but it couldn’t hurt to guide them in that direction with cute organizers for their bedroom.

I know that I feel more inclined to stay organized when I have attractive looking containers and organizers, so maybe our kids can feel the same way?

5 Must Have Closet Organizers

Are you feeling fed up with your closet?  Is it hard for you to find articles of clothing or shoes and is everything getting crushed and wrinkled?  I’m here to help folks.

If you’re about to undertake a closet makeover and you’ve done some research, then you’ve learned that there is a MULTITUDE of closet organization products.  And I know it can get overwhelming, trying to decide what’s best for you.  This post is dedicated to those who (like myself) are living with a bare bones closet that doesn’t have built in shelves or cabinets.  It’s time for you to make your closet more functional and organized!

Here are my recommendations for turning a nightmare closet into the closet of your dreams:

1.  Hanging Shelves – usually made from canvas, these products give you an instant way to store folded clothing in the closet.  If you’ve run out of dresser space for sweaters and jeans, you don’t have to stuff them into the drawers.  Hanging shelves maximize your closet’s potential, keep clothes in easy reach, and free up space in your drawers.

2. Shoe Rack – there are many schools of thought on how to best keep your shoes organized, and I would say it comes down to a case by case basis.  But overall, I believe in the traditional floor shoe rack which goes along the bottom of your closet.  There isn’t much else you can use that space for and without a shoe rack, your shoes will be in a messy pile.  And we’re trying to fix that here!

3.  Closet Doubling Rods – probably one of the most essential closet organizers!  You can get an extra rod that hangs below the built in one, giving you twice the hanging space.  Hang shorter items like blouses and sweaters here, and they won’t overlap.  I have always trusted in this Double Hanging Closet Rod.


4.  Tie/Belt Racks – undoubtedly, you are the owner of several ties, belts and scarves.  Hang them up so they remain untangled and easy to access with something like this Accessory Rack.

5.  Shelf Organizers – even a basic closet usually has a shelf running across the top, over the clothing rod.  To make the best use of this space, purchase shelf baskets to line the top.  I use mine for holding out of season clothing, bathing suits, hats and winter gloves, and more.  Trust me, it will look so tidy and clean!

So if you’re feeling lost when it comes to closet organization, start with these five suggestions.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with fancy systems for now, just stick with the basics and you will see a huge improvement!

Garment Racks On The Go

Just because you’re going on a trip, doesn’t mean your clothes can’t be as organized away from home as they are at home…

Summer is just about here and most of us are planning at least one vacation.  Whether you’re going camping in the mountains or staying at a beach resort somewhere tropical, there’s a common issue.  We all want a better solution for keeping our clothes organized while traveling.  Sure, hotels have closets with hangers and most come with a dresser.  But is that enough?  It doesn’t seem to be enough at home which is why we have access to so many great closet organizers.

Here are some suggestions for making your closet away from home feel more like the closet at home:

Portable closet shelves perfect if you’re staying at a hotel or family/friend’s house.  Because they’re made of fabric, they folds down nice and flat to fit inside your suitcase.  At home, you would typically use a hanging shelf like this for your sweaters, jeans and shirts.  It’s designed to help you when you don’t have a dresser or have run out of space in the dresser.  Apply the same logic to your vacation.  You might be staying somewhere (like a friend’s house) where they have a place for you to sleep, but no dresser for you to store your clothing.  With a travel closet shelf, you don’t have to keep your clothes in the suitcase the whole time you’re away.

If your vacation involves spending a lot of time in the car (camping or road-tripping), I have a couple suggestions for keeping your clothes organized without a suitcase.  Put a plastic chest of drawers in your trunk area and it’s like having a dresser everywhere you go.  You can even take it out and put it inside your tent and it’ll feel a lot less like you’re “roughing it” out there!  Better yet, use the Auto Clothes Bar – Expandable Garment Rack in your car for hanging clothes.  You wont’ have to worry about nice suits and blouses getting wrinkled in a suitcase while on your road trip!

Remember, for every clothing storage issue there’s a solution – even when it comes to travel.  I hope your summer vacation is fun, safe and memorable!

Maximize Your Closet’s Storage Capacity



Running out of closet space is so annoying, right?  Especially when you get new clothes and are so excited to hang them up. They always end up strewn messily across the floor, giving my home the look of a Hazmat site. Sometimes I try to save my floors from the disastrous mess and stuff my clothes into drawers, giving my room a false sense of order. In reality though, the drawers are so stuffed full of socks, shirts, skirts, slips and shorts that I cannot even pull the drawer out to see what is contained within.

One solution for this clothing catastrophe is to purchase loads of bins to place all of your clothes into. The problem with this solution to clothes storage is twofold. For one, bins still take up a ton of space in your closet or bedroom, therefore not really solving the problem at all; two, bins can be hard to organize and make it difficult to find what you are looking for, especially early in the morning when you are all groggy and haven’t had your coffee yet.

The perfect solution to closet and bedroom storage issues is to maximize your closet by using tiered hangers. With tiered hangers, you can place multiple garments in nearly the same amount of space as just one! There are all kinds of tiered hangers, including tiered shirt hangers, tiered slacks hangers or even an Add-On Skirt and Blouse Hanger.


With all the extra closet and bedroom space you will save by using tiered hangers, just think of all the options you have to recreate the space: You could turn part of your closet into a dark room, or a mini recording studio, or better yet, for you ladies you could turn the closet into a vanity room.

Every home needs a good garment rack!

No matter where you live, or in what kind of dwelling, a garment rack is a handy thing to have around.  The typical rolling clothing rack can serve a variety of purposes, from storing seasonal clothes in the garage to adding a closet to any room.


The guest room in my home is actually located in a space that was designated as a small office or bonus room, so it did not come with a closet.  I solved this problem by adding a Portable Spare Wardrobe Closet which acts like an instant closet.  It even closes up for a tidy look in the room.

A good garment rack can also help save your laundry room from getting messy, overcrowded and a confusing.  You can use it to hang clothes to dry, which will also save you some money on energy.  If you use a hanging sweater dryer to air dry delicates, you can hang it from your garment rod rather than putting holes in the wall or ceiling.  If you do not have space in your laundry room for a full size rolling garment rack, then there are a number of alternatives.

wallgarmentrackA wall garment rack saves you space and gives the same benefits of hanging clothes to store or dry.  Use this kind of clothing rack like a usual closet rod, and even hang sweater shelves or a hanging shoe rack.  Best of all, they can also be folded down when not in use.

As I said before, just about anyone can benefit from having a garment rack in the home.  They can do more than just store and dry clothing – think of unique and creative ways to re-purpose a garment rack!

Make the Most of Closet Space

Closet renovation and organization is a great project anytime you have free time.  I find that when I have a well organized closet, I have an easier time getting ready in the morning and I wear all of my clothes, rather than just the few favorite pieces that are easiest to find every day.  One of my common problems with keeping a tidy closet, is that I don’t like to hang everything up.  Some things just do not need to be hung on hangers, or can’t, (such as sweaters and jeans) but I also don’t have a bedroom dresser.  So I don’t even have drawers to put those articles of clothing in.

3-Shelf Closet Organizer

3-Shelf Closet Organizer

Another problem with my closet has been all the unused space beneath the hanging clothes.  It seemed like there was a much better way use the space.  So, I installed a bottom closet rod beneath the one that was already there.  Then, I added this awesome 3-shelf hanging closet rod organizer to the bottom rod.  The three shelf closet organizer is made of canvas with metal hooks that hang from the clothing rod.  And the hanging canvas shelves have inserts to keep each shelf sturdy.  I placed three in a row and gained nine shelves in my closet, without having to install permanent closet shelving!
Now I have shelves so I can fold up sweaters, sweatshirts, and jeans and keep them in my closet without having to hang each one from a hanger.  It worked so well in my closet, that my husband decided he wanted one too.  We did the same exact thing in his, and it feels like we have fancy custom closets but did it at a fraction of the cost.  The other cool thing about these canvas closet organizers is that they’re portable.  So if we’re going on a trip, we can have the same closet convenience at the hotel that we have at home!

Seasonal Clothing Storage 101

garment bagsA great way to keep your closets clutter-free is to store your out of season clothing elsewhere.  That means, during the winter your summer clothes go into storage and vice versa during the summer.  Don’t worry if you do not have a garage, there are plenty of places to find storage around the home – you just need to know where to look for it!  When it comes to managing clutter, especially when it comes to clothing, I absolutely treasure garment bags, which come in various styles.  Some garment bags hang over the closet rod to keep long coats and dresses stored, while others are designed for packing up sweaters and keeping them under the bed.

Ideally (if you have a garage) you should keep a garment rack in the garage for hanging items.  That way, all you have to do is transfer the hanging clothes to the garment rack and zip them up in some sort of protective storage bag.  You’ll want that bag to have good strong seams, somewhat rigid to maintain shape, and be transparent so you can see through to what’s inside.  Never go the easy route and use garbage bags, folks, you’ll regret it!  If you do not have a garage for storing seasonal clothes, you will have to be a little more creative.  But it is not difficult – utilize space under the bed, under the sofa, in a hall closet, etc.

Space Bags and other containers which use a vacuum to suck out the air are a dream come true for people with limited storage space.  Use those to hold your sundresses and tanks in the winter and your sweaters and scarves in the summer.  No matter how you go about it, you are sure to find that storing seasonal clothes is the key to having an organized and de-cluttered closet!

The Coolest in Car Organizing Gear

Auto Clothes Bar - Expandable Garment Rack

Auto Clothes Bar – Expandable Garment Rack

Every once in a while I come across a really cool organizing tool.  This week my pick is actually designed for use in the car.  If you have a regular commute, you know how important it is to keep your car neat and tidy – it is essential to your well being on the road!  This awesome car organizing tool is great for anyone who uses the services of a dry cleaner, or for anyone who has a long commute and wears a suit.  This In-Car Expandable Clothes Bar is a must have to keep your business clothing in tip top shape.  Whether you simply like to hang up your suit and change at your destination or you have a large load of dry cleaning to pick up, this car organizer is a wonderful solution!  This hanging clothes bar simply hooks onto the existing handles in the backseat of your car and is expandable to fit most models.  Then, voila!  An instant closet rod in your car!
Here are some of my other favorite car organizers:
Glove Box Organizers – These range from envelopes to hold your registration and insurance paperwork to CD holders.
Trunk Organizers – I’ve seen great tools for organizing the trunk of the car, such as little handles and stands that keep things from rolling around while you are driving and large canvas carriers that hold grocery bags upright.  There are even specialty trunk organizers for golfers, tennis players and more.
Kids Car Organizers – With these, it’s important to make sure that your child can reach the items that they need so that you won’t have to turn around and help them.  I love the organizers that fit over the front seat headrests as they take up no extra room in the car and offer easy access for little ones to their toys.