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New Product Alert! Get kids organizing early on…

Whenever I see new organizing products for kids, I wish we’d had cute things like this when I was little…

elephantI think at best, my room had the standard dresser, bookshelf and closet. My sister and I actually shared the bedroom, so besides our beds, we pretty much didn’t have anything to ourselves.

This Elephant Ensemble by Innovative Home might have prevented some of our arguments over space and territory.  It has the basics: a clothing hamper, storage cube, waste basket and hanging storage basket with tiers. If we’d had this sort of thing, we might have been more enthusiastic about keeping our room clean.

And especially because it comes in other cute kid-friendly designs, each of us could have had our own theme, making it extra special.

I mean, why not learn about organizing early on? You learn to tie your shoes, make your bed, stuff like that. Obviously, no child is going to put organizing at the top of their list of favorite things to do (most of us adults don’t even feel that way about it), but it couldn’t hurt to guide them in that direction with cute organizers for their bedroom.

I know that I feel more inclined to stay organized when I have attractive looking containers and organizers, so maybe our kids can feel the same way?

New Item Alert: Gullwing Drying Rack!

Back to school time is upon us, folks! 

For those of you who are sending your son or daughter off to their first year of college, you may have already dropped them off at the dorm.  Did you get them all set up with everything they’ll need for dorm life?  Twin XL size sheets, organizers for their cramped closets, maybe a comfortable desk chair or a new laptop?

What about laundry solutions – did you think of that?  First time dorm-dwellers need more than just a portable hamper for laundry day.  Remember, dorms don’t usually come with all the convenient items you have in your laundry room or home.  What about a drying rack?  These come in handy especially for girls, because they tend to have more delicate items like blouses and undergarments that cannot be machine dried.

gullwingI’d like to introduce you to the Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack.  Here are it’s many benefits:

1. It folds down for space saving storage, which every college student needs.

2. There are extra hooks and racks for laying sweaters flat or drying gym shoes.

3. The laundry drying rack holds a lot of clothes, so your son or daughter can choose to hang dry all of their clothes, which will save them money on laundry costs (and in the end, save YOU money, right?)

This is a great way for your first time college student to learn about independence and taking care of themselves away from home.  But, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you are thinking, This would be great in my own laundry room!  You’re absolutely right.

Product of the Week: Organizer Kit for College Students

Could it be that time again?  We’re getting close to back-to-school time, folks!

It may only be late July, but back to school season sneaks up faster than you think! If you’re a student heading off to the dorms this year, or the parent of a future collegiate, it’s time to start thinking about the necessities.

When most young adults move out on their own for the first time, they are shocked at first by all their new grown up responsibilities (I know I was!).  But there’s nothing to fear, any college student needs is some basic tools.  Just like they will need notebooks, pencils, graphing calculators and other school supplies.

Preparing them for dorm life is easier than ever with the Organization Kit by Honey Can Do.

dormkitThis starter kit takes out all the guesswork for a teenager who’s getting used to living away from home.  Mom can’t do your laundry anymore, and no one’s going to remind you to clean your room!  Luckily, no instructions are needed for these closet and room organizers.

In the kit you get an over-the-door shoe rack (hint: the pockets are also handy for small accessories), a hanging closet shelf with removable drawers, and two mesh hampers.  That’s right, TWO!

Wait, why two?  Well, you could use one for bigger items like towels and bed linens and use the other for clothing.  Or use one to store laundry in your room, and the other for toting it to the laundromat.  See kids, it’s really not difficult.

Now go out there, follow your dreams, study hard and change the world!  Academics will keep you busy enough – you shouldn’t have to stress over keeping your dorm organized too.

Every home needs a good garment rack!

No matter where you live, or in what kind of dwelling, a garment rack is a handy thing to have around.  The typical rolling clothing rack can serve a variety of purposes, from storing seasonal clothes in the garage to adding a closet to any room.


The guest room in my home is actually located in a space that was designated as a small office or bonus room, so it did not come with a closet.  I solved this problem by adding a Portable Spare Wardrobe Closet which acts like an instant closet.  It even closes up for a tidy look in the room.

A good garment rack can also help save your laundry room from getting messy, overcrowded and a confusing.  You can use it to hang clothes to dry, which will also save you some money on energy.  If you use a hanging sweater dryer to air dry delicates, you can hang it from your garment rod rather than putting holes in the wall or ceiling.  If you do not have space in your laundry room for a full size rolling garment rack, then there are a number of alternatives.

wallgarmentrackA wall garment rack saves you space and gives the same benefits of hanging clothes to store or dry.  Use this kind of clothing rack like a usual closet rod, and even hang sweater shelves or a hanging shoe rack.  Best of all, they can also be folded down when not in use.

As I said before, just about anyone can benefit from having a garment rack in the home.  They can do more than just store and dry clothing – think of unique and creative ways to re-purpose a garment rack!

Handling Holiday Houseguests’ Laundry

The holidays are around the corner, and for a lot of us that means one thing – house guests.  By Christmas day, my house is packed with out of town relatives.  My sister, her husband and their two kids, my mom and dad, and Aunt Henrietta on my husband’s side of the family.  We always wanted a big house with lots of space for guest to stay over and feel welcomed during the holidays.  That was before we realized what an ordeal it can turn out to be, especially when it comes to the laundry mess!  The first year we hosted the whole family at Christmas, it didn’t occur to use to have spare laundry hampers around.  You can imaging the chaos that ensued.

Around day four of our family gathering I walked into the laundry room which looked more like a war zone.  Never mind the piles of dirty clothes – I couldn’t tell what belonged to whom and getting all the socks matched back up was a bigger task than cooking Christmas day dinner!  So the next year, I got smart and decided that every family/couple would have their own laundry basket.  But I didn’t want to have three or four extra clothes hampers around all year, so I needed something that would fold down and store away the rest of the year.  I decided on getting four spiral Pop hampers because they’re made of canvas and fold down flat.  When the gang isn’t in town, I can store them in the garage with other seasonal items.

I am so glad that I solved the holiday laundry problem, and that it was such an easy solution!  Doing laundry when my family is in town for the holidays is easier on everyone, not just myself.  Everyone’s dirty clothes come in and go out in the same laundry hamper and now they can fold their own socks!

Guide for Practical Gifts Pt 1 – Laundry Hampers

Who says a practical item like a clothes hamper can’t make a great gift?  I have a friend who loves practical gifts because she’s very minimalistic and doesn’t like “things”.  Being a single working mom, she also can’t afford to buy herself a lot of those basic necessities.  Chances are you probably have someone in your life like that as well.  So here are some gift ideas for that who could not only benefit from a practical gift, but would love it because they wouldn’t or couldn’t afford themselves the luxury of getting a fancy laundry hamper.

Because she’s a busy mom, my friend could really benefit from a laundry sorter to keep her organized and cut back on laundry time.  With something like this, she can keep everyone’s dirty clothes sorted, and gain some storage:


For someone with a family but limited space, I would recommend something a little more compact.  You can still get the large capacity, without taking over the laundry room with something like this:

Anyone who doesn’t have a washer and dryer in their home and has to travel with their laundry needs an easy way to tote it around.  I suggest either a bag that they can carry over their shoulder, or a rolling cart to bear the load, like this:

If you just need a basic laundry hamper to hold your laundry and maybe one other person’s, go with something stylish like this:


If you need a larger capacity hamper to sort laundry but still want style like the last hamper, then this one gives you the best of both worlds!

If you like these hampers either for yourself or as a practical gift for someone in your life, then I think you have great taste too!

Here’s where you can find them:

1.  Laundry Cart: Bamboo Laundry Center by Neu Home

2. Compact Cart:  Triple Laundry Sorter

3. Portable Hamper:  Collapsible Laundry Hamper Caddy by Caddy Concepts

4. Stylish Hamper:  Nadina Hamper by LaMont

Drying Racks Gift Guide

Just in time for holiday shopping, I have compiled a list of favorite clothes drying racks.  “Why on earth would I buy someone a drying rack as a gift?”, you say.  Because a clothes drying rack is something that every one needs!  Get one for your wife, your sister, a friend, anyone who needs a new solution for hanging clothes to dry.  I have made sure to include something here for everyone, including apartment dwellers, home owners and everyone in between!

This expandable drying rack is perfect for anyone.  It has the ability to expand and contract to meet one’s needs.  It holds a large capacity without taking up too much space:

For someone who doesn’t have a lot of space in their laundry room, or doesn’t have one at all, this countertop rack is ideal.  Best of all, it can be folded down and stored in a tight space when not in use:

Another space saving solution for garment drying racks is something that hangs over the door, like this one:

Someone with a large family and enough space in their laundry room would benefit from a larger, more traditional drying rack.  I recommend this one because it offers A LOT of hanging space:

Last but certainly not least, this over door drying rack is the simplest and smallest solution, to meet the most basic needs.  It also makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

As you can see, drying racks come in all shapes and sizes and there is just about any kind available to meet everyone’s needs.  Show someone you really care about them this holiday season with an unforgettable gift like the ones I’ve listed above.  Happy Holidays folks!

Here’s where you can find these awesome clothes drying racks:

1.  Expandable Clothes Drying Rack by Household Essentials

2. Countertop Drying Rack by Polder

3. Brabantia Door Drying Rack

4. 3 Tier Airer Clothes Drying Rack by Moerman Americas

5. Over the Door Hanger Holder – Set of 2

Clothes Drying Racks – Everyone needs a good one!

Whether you have access to an automatic dryer or not, manual line clothes drying is a necessity for almost anyone!  Some of us don’t have a machine to dry our clothes and even those of us who do, often have to line dry delicate garments.  I have noticed that line drying clothes is becoming popular as a “green” way of living.  It cuts down on energy use and will save you a little money monthly (and everyone is looking to save a penny here and there in this economy).

Now, you can find just about any kind of clothes drying rack for sale out there on the internet.  Whether you need something to hang a whole load outside, a few garments in your laundry area, or a load over the bathtub in your tiny urban apartment.  There are laundry racks that hang over the door, mount to the wall, stand over the tub, extend from the wall, and everywhere in between! The reason this topic interests me is because it applies to just about everyone.  Even if all you need to hang dry is a blouse or pair of stockings here and there.

When looking for a rack to dry garments and laundry, consider your needs.  First and foremost: capacity.  Are you going to be drying whole loads of laundry or just a few pieces at a time?  Secondly, consider how much space is available; do you have a laundry room, a back yard, or just a space in your bathroom?  Will you need to use a wall mounted drying rack to save floor space, or will you have to go with a freestanding rack because the landlord won’t abide wall damage?  Whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a perfect clothes drying rack out there for you!

Tips To Do Your Own Laundry In College

Laundry for Dummies Kit

Laundry for Dummies Kit

As a brand-new college freshman, many young people heading back to school for the fall are beginning to make some eye-opening discoveries: They are meeting new people from all over the country (and sometimes even all over the world); they are having their world-view opened up to a variety of perspectives; and, they are taking new and exciting courses that were never before offered at their high schools.

Of course, not every single new discovery is quite so positive: College freshman are also learning that there is no one to make your dinner or force you to eat healthy; procrastinating until the night before a big exam never works; it is now on you to drag your body out of bed and make it to class in time; and perhaps most important of all, Mom and Dad are not there to do your laundry anymore, and yes, you smell terrible when you do not do laundry for a month.

While some brand new college students will have to learn these lessons the hard way, one way to be prepared for college dorm life is to have convenient laundry accessories at the ready, such as laundry bags, totes, cleaning supplies and more! All too often with college students, if there are multiple barriers preventing a chore from being completed, it gets put on the back burner and often never gets done (this is a bad, bad thing when it comes to cleaning your stinky, sweaty socks!).

The Laundry Kit for Dummies includes everything a brand-new college student needs to keep their laundry organized and keep them looking their best. This unique laundry accessory kit includes a collapsible laundry hamper, two bags for washing delicates, plus two dryer balls that are the perfect substitute for dryer sheets. Rounding out this perfect laundry set is a lint roller and a table top ironing board so not only will the college student smell pleasant, he or she will also have crisp and lint-free clothing.

With all of these new experiences to be to gleaned upon first arriving at college, it makes life much easier for your incoming college freshman to be prepared for as many of the more obvious first-time-college lessons as possible. Preparing them with everyday essentials such as laundry accessories is the perfect way for them to put their best foot forward.

Visit our back to school shopping guide for more dorm room essentials.

Tight On Dorm Room Storage? Look Under The Bed!

With so little space it can be difficult to find storage in your dorm room for everything from clothes to books to sports equipment. Getting creative with the space you have is the key to keeping that tiny closet from getting overrun, because nobody wants to open their closet doors in the morning to fight with an avalanche of stuff!

Bed Lifters - Wood by Richards Homewares

Bed Lifters – Wood by Richards Homewares

What’s the one piece of furniture taking up most of the space in your dorm? The bed! By adding bed risers to your standard dorm bed you can take advantage of unused space and add convenient storage. Coming in a variety of styles and heights, there is sure to be a bed riser to fit your bed and storage needs.

The Bed Riser comes in several heights and features a streamlined design that looks like it’s part of the bed frame. This way your storage needs can be customized based on just how much extra space you add to the under bed area. Only need a little lift? Add the Bed Lifters – Wood that come in two wood finishes, perfect for matching with a wood bed frame.

Not sure just how much extra height your bed needs? Try the Adjustable 8 piece Bed Raiser for a versatile design that allows beds to raised at intervals so you can place the bed at just the right height. These stacking bed raisers are also easy to reuse at home when college is over.

Now that you’ve got so much new storage space you can organize it further with some under bed storage bins. Look for long bins that make the most of all that space with a split, lift top lid on one end for easy access. You can also treat the under bed area as an extension of your closet. Add bins with drawers to store everything from sweaters to shoes.