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An Unexpected Entertaining Necessity

The warm weather months can be a great time to entertain, but hosting can be a lot of work. From freshly pressed table cloths to appetizers there is so much that needs to get done before the guests arrive. Make sure you don’t get stuck in the kitchen all night while you’re guests enjoy themselves. With the right tools, planning and preparing for that next dinner party or cocktail hour it can all seem like a breeze.

Empressa Steam Press - by Reliable

Empressa Steam Press – by Reliable

A pressed tablecloth is the perfect foundation for a perfectly set table. Don’t waste hours toiling with a hot iron, use the Empressa Steam Press to quickly and efficiently press table linens. Pressing a much larger area than a standard iron, this steam press makes it easy to breeze through ironing so that everything from the napkins to a button up shirt are ready for the party.
Don’t get stuck in a hot kitchen while you’re guests wonder where the host or hostess is. Consider serving some fresh, chilled fruit or veggies as a healthy appetizer. These can be prepared before hand and stored in a bowl with dividers and a compartment for ice in the bottom so everything stays chilled even after it has been served. This way guests can have a refreshing appetizer and enjoy time with their host.
Looking for a way to serve guests drinks without having to turn yourself into the bartender? Choose a mixed drink for the evening that can be made ahead of time and simply serve it in a lovely pitcher or drink dispenser. For a decorative touch add garnishes to the pitcher that compliment the drink of your choice, like slices of lemon or sprigs of mint.
These tools can make it seem like you had a staff of twenty helping to get ready even when it’s all you!

Save Space In Your Closet

I absolutely hate it when I run out of closet space in my bedroom and just cannot find a good place to keep my newest garments. They always end up strewn messily across the floor, giving my home the look of a Hazmat site. Sometimes I try to save my floors from the disastrous mess and stuff my clothes into drawers, giving my room a false sense of order. In reality though, the drawers are so stuffed full of socks, shirts, skirts, slips and shorts that I cannot even pull the drawer out to see what is contained within.

One solution for this clothing catastrophe is to purchase loads of bins to place all of your clothes into. The problem with this solution to clothes storage is twofold. For one, bins still take up a ton of space in your closet or bedroom, therefore not really solving the problem at all; two, bins can be hard to organize and make it difficult to find what you are looking for, especially early in the morning when you are all groggy and haven’t had your coffee yet.

4-tier skirt hanger

4-tier skirt hanger

The perfect solution to closet and bedroom storage issues is to maximize your closet by using tiered hangers. With tiered hangers, you can place multiple garments in nearly the same amount of space as just one! There are all kinds of tiered hangers, including tiered shirt hangers, tiered slacks hangers or even a 4-tier skirt hanger.

With all the extra closet and bedroom space you will save by using tiered hangers, just think of all the options you have to recreate the space: You could turn part of your closet into a dark room, or a mini recording studio, or better yet, for you ladies you could turn the closet into a vanity room.
Find all sorts of tiered clothes hangers online at StacksandStack.com, under the metal hangers category.

Surprise Your Guests With A WallSaver Wooden Luggage Rack

WallSaver wooden luggage racks

WallSaver wooden luggage racks

When I go home to visit my family, I always stay with my mother, which is such a treat.  She loves having “her baby” back for the weekend and does everything she can to make me feel welcomed and cared for.  Those visits are such a special time for my mom and me.  And she gets all excited when she gets to fuss over my accommodations and put thought into every little detail.  The fold out couch in the guest room gets a cozy down mattress topper and pretty bedding.  Fresh flowers greet me when I get to my room, as well as a set of matching towels and a ceramic cup for my toothbrush.  She never falls short of making my place to stay feel even fancier than a five-star hotel!
One thing that I think she is especially proud of is her WallSaver wooden luggage rack that lives in the closet.  I mean, I had only seen suitcase racks in hotels until the last few times I stayed at my mom’s house.  They are just so convenient when you have to unpack and pack your suitcase. Or especially, if you have to live out of your suitcase, it puts it up at a comfortable height for retrieving clothes.  I think my mom takes pride in her enthusiasm for taking care of houseguests and making them feel comfortable, and this luggage stand really shows it.
The WallSaver suitcase stand is especially cool because it has this bar in the back that keeps your suit case from banging against the wall and damaging it. I have appreciated it when I stay there so much that I put one in my own guest room to help visitors feel extra comfortable when staying for the weekend!  And as a bonus, when it’s not being used as a rack for luggage I can use it to stack blankets and pillows!

Save Your Closet and Your Nose with Cedar Closet Hang Ups

cedar closet hang ups

cedar closet hang ups

I have noticed that, even with clean clothes hanging up in the closet, the closet still gets that musky, stale, unpleasant smell.  Especially in the kids’ closets, which are full of dirty shoes and permanently stained sports gear.  And my husband’s closet has the same problem!  I thought about using air fresheners that automatically release scents, but ran into a few problems with those kinds of air fresheners.  They tend to have an overpowering smell, and a lot of them are too fruity or flowery and just end up making a worse smell!  And of course, you cannot burn candles in a closet – that would just be dangerous.

I just wanted to open up a closet and not encounter that musky closet smell.  It does not have to smell like an English rose garden, just not so stuffy.  I was also a little weary about the toxins and chemicals used in those artificial air fresheners.  What were we being exposed to?  I try to take a natural and organic approach with most household products, so using those just seemed to contradict that.

I found the solution to my problem with these amazing cedar hang ups!  Installing cedar wood panels into the bedroom closets was not within our budget, and it seemed like an extreme measure to take, given that we have five closets.  I had heard in the past about how cedar wood is a wonderful and natural way to keep clothes odor free.  My sister tried something similar, by using sachets filled with cedar wood chips.  And she said it worked really well!

So the hanging cedar panels, which come in a set of eight, are now my favorite way to eliminate odors.  I hung two in each of my kids’ closets, as well as two in my husband’s closet.  They not only keep the clothes smelling fresh, and cover up that musky closet smell, but also add a natural, woodsy aroma that I love!

Protect It All With A Jumbo Clothes Bag

Proper clothes storage prolongs the life of your clothes, saving them for years to come. Whether it’s a wedding dress or tailor made suit, it’s easy to find just the right garment bag for your clothes and your closet. There are a few basic storage rules that are important to follow and help you get the storage you need.

Prevent fading and damage from sunlight by storing clothes away from direct light. Keeping clothes away from sunlight is easy in a standard closet, but for a walk in closet with a window or skylight make sure to store nicer clothes that are only worn occasionally in a garment bag made of solid material that blocks out the light. For closets that are free from natural light consider a clear vinyl design that makes it easy to see where all your clothes are.

Jumbo Clothes Bag

Jumbo Clothes Bag

Mold and Mildew love crowded spaces, keep them at bay by giving your clothes plenty of air flow and room to breath. A Jumbo Clothes Bag from Stacks and Stacks is a great clothes storage solution, providing plenty of room to spread out hangers. A jumbo clear vinyl dress bag keeps dust from gathering on top of the clothes you want to preserve but don’t often have an occasion to wear. Great for suits or dresses, a clothes bag will keep them straight from the dry cleaner fresh.

As opposed to garment bags that slip over the hanger, a bag with an interior hanger rod makes hanging and sorting through clothes easy. Ideal for storing seasonal clothes, heavy wool coats or rain jackets, an extra large clothes bag gives you enough room to store puffy down jackets. Used in a hall or guest room closet, garment bags are also a good way to keep clothes organized and out of the way. Follow these simple steps and you can keep your favorite pieces looking like new!

Make Clothes Last Longer to Stretch your Budget

As we all tighten our budgets, we are looking for ways to save money in every area of our lives.  We find ourselves asking questions like:  How can I make my car last longer?  How can I stretch my grocery dollar?  And how can I shop for clothing less?  Fortunately, the last question has an easy answer.  To spend less on money on clothes, you’ve got to use what you have better.  With clothes, that means you will want to take better care of them to make them last longer.  There are many ways to do this, and one of the easiest and cheapest methods is to use vinyl hanging shoulder covers.

Vinyl Shoulder Covers

Vinyl Shoulder Covers

These nifty clothes saving inventions couldn’t be easier to use.  Simply hang your clothes up as you normally would on a hanger, gather a few of those hangers together and then slip one of these plastic clothes storage bags over the top of the hanger.  This helps with everything from dust and water stains to damage from moths and other insects.  And since they are crystal clear, you can still see everything that you have in your closet.

Here are some additional ways to make your clothes last longer:
1.     Cedar – Cedar is a natural insect repellent and smells heavenly, doing double duty in the closet and helping to extend the life of your clothing.  Look for cedar hangers, sachets and other products.
2.    Washing Carefully – Don’t be lazy with your laundry.  Following the manufacturer’s instructions on washing and drying can save wear and tear, extending the life of your garments substantially.  Example:  If it says wash in cold water, then do so.  Not HOT water, not WARM water, just cold.
3.    Out of Season Clothes Storage – store clothes that are out of season properly, taking careful care to keep them free from moisture damage.  Sealed plastic boxes and garment bags are two simple ways to do this.

Get your Vinyl Shoulder Covers at Stacks and Stacks!

How my Laundry Valet Rod saved Christmas

Laundry Valet Rod

Laundry Valet Rod

No, this isn’t a fairy tale about a little magic clothes hanger that helped Santa by leading all the reindeer through a foggy night. No! This is a true tale of how a little metal hanger saved my first holiday experience with the in-laws (and maybe my marriage).

Well, it all started last year when I was living in the frigid and damp environs of Boston, MA. The sort of place you always need a coat in the winter, and in turn, a sturdy clothes hanger for the substantial weight of my puffy jacket collection.

My newly-minted in laws were coming into town for the holidays, and being from sunny California, boy did they bring a lot of extra winter wear! We saw the sights of Bean Town and had decided to go out for dinner on Christmas Eve and my father in law chose to wear his favorite leather jacket, handed down for generations. I decided the weather looked clear enough and we should just hoof it home. While walking back to our apartment we were caught in a white-out blizzard, leaving my father-in-law’s jacket soaked, and near ruin.

Luckily I had planned ahead and purchased the Laundry Valet Rod! This strong metal hanger really came in handy when we needed to drip dry that leather jacket. My favorite part is that we were able to fit all of our jackets onto just one of these wall mounted metal hangers, with plenty of room for my aforementioned puffy jacket collection (I now have eight). I was able to adjust the rod to hang the jackets horizontally, allowing them to drip on my brand new carpet instead of onto each other! The next morning every jacket on the clothes hanger was dry as a bone. I was impressed with how my valet rod had saved the day. It came with an oil rubbed bronze finish and was made from chrome plated steel, purchased from the gang at Stacks and Stacks!

So ends my tale: the leather jacket was saved, drip drying away on the Laundry Valet Rack. In turn, Christmas was saved and my in-laws were in awe of my foresight.

Hang on! This Garment Rack is a swinging value!

It’s a jungle out there, but when you’re in need of a quality Garment Rack, don’t be afraid to trust one that looks like a Jungle Gym. Many folks have taken one look at the incredible Folding Garment Rack with Dual Hang Rails from Stacks and Stacks and taken a leap of faith. And boy, did it pay off. You may find yourself swinging around and around internet garment rack retailers, searching high and low, back and forth, up and down for value and functionality, jumping wildly at sale prices and landing hard at impossible shipping costs. Well friend, relax and let go. The Folding Garment Rack with Dual Hang Rails will make your soul soar!

Called the “Salesman’s Rack” because it’s relied on by business travelers in many industries, the Folding Garment Rack with Dual Hang Rails is a rolling garment rack folds down to only 5″ high. Even though it can fit in the trunk of your car, the double rail clothing rack can hold 250 lbs of apparel! With two 12″ extensions and adjustable height, you don’t have to limit this garment storage rack to travel; it’s also perfect for everyday needs (gymnastics not recommended). This folding garment rack is made of steel with a chrome finish, and its height adjusts to 56, 61, and 66 inches. In a world where hanging your garment from the perfect rack is becoming more and more obscured by racks that aren’t perfect for your garment, feel free to throw your trust into the Folding Garment Rack with Dual Hang Rails. Flip your garment rack search from a chore to an adventure!

Rolling, rolling in love with this Portable Garment Rack.

Don’t let yourself be hurt this time. When life demands that you hang your work attire — attire that must, at all costs, remain pressed, wrinkle-free, with nary a crease nor crinkle — life will treat you to the agonizing mental spaghetti of stress-related, perfectionistic terror, including the clammy-hand horror, the rational fear, the cursed threat of your garment being hung incorrectly. Yes, in a time of crisis, when garments must be racked, and these garments must be racked with the option to roll, it’s no mystery where to find the perfect rack for the job: Stacks and Stacks. Put Stacks on the case, and you’ll quickly deduce that the finest Rolling Garment Rack is here, ready for your next adventure.

Ah, isn’t that better? The sharp drape of a well-racked coat means perfectionism and professionalism are far from canceled. A garment that sings “I was ironed, with care and respect” reflects well on the wearer of the garment, and improves the quality of the wearer’s surroundings. A garment that has been properly racked is also easily accessible to the wearer, if the wearer needs to wear the garment as soon as possible, in the finest condition the garment is ready to achieve, which of course is nothing short of perfection, mint condition, because the garment was hanging on this durable Rolling Garment Rack from Stacks and Stacks. With a well-racked, perfectly fresh garment on your back, life is grand. The only downside? Your friends and co-workers will be jealous.

Whoa there, Gentlemen, there’s no need to fight — you can BOTH use the Rolling Garment Rack from Stacks and Stacks to hang your work-wear! You see fellas, Stacks made sure they had the bases covered — that’s why they offer this Rolling Garment Rack in both a single and double garment rack variety. The clothing storage possibilities are endless with this Rolling Garment Rack, and by endless, we of course mean endless. There is no end to the storage possibilities. Designed to efficiently store long garments, the Rolling Garment Rack is made from beautify and sturdy natural birch. Commercial grade locking wheels aid in easy mobility and sturdy placement of this portable Rolling Garment Rack. Some Assembly is of course required, because you would never feel the full satisfaction of a job well done if everything was done for you ahead of time. This rack’s weight capacity is a complete metric/American 75 pounds, so you’ll have plenty of strength for your rackables. In a world where looks count, count your blessings that t his world includes Stacks and Stacks, where you’ll find the incredible Rolling Garment Rack.