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Make Clothes Last Longer to Stretch your Budget

As we all tighten our budgets, we are looking for ways to save money in every area of our lives.  We find ourselves asking questions like:  How can I make my car last longer?  How can I stretch my grocery dollar?  And how can I shop for clothing less?  Fortunately, the last question has an easy answer.  To spend less on money on clothes, you’ve got to use what you have better.  With clothes, that means you will want to take better care of them to make them last longer.  There are many ways to do this, and one of the easiest and cheapest methods is to use vinyl hanging shoulder covers.

Vinyl Shoulder Covers

Vinyl Shoulder Covers

These nifty clothes saving inventions couldn’t be easier to use.  Simply hang your clothes up as you normally would on a hanger, gather a few of those hangers together and then slip one of these plastic clothes storage bags over the top of the hanger.  This helps with everything from dust and water stains to damage from moths and other insects.  And since they are crystal clear, you can still see everything that you have in your closet.

Here are some additional ways to make your clothes last longer:
1.     Cedar – Cedar is a natural insect repellent and smells heavenly, doing double duty in the closet and helping to extend the life of your clothing.  Look for cedar hangers, sachets and other products.
2.    Washing Carefully – Don’t be lazy with your laundry.  Following the manufacturer’s instructions on washing and drying can save wear and tear, extending the life of your garments substantially.  Example:  If it says wash in cold water, then do so.  Not HOT water, not WARM water, just cold.
3.    Out of Season Clothes Storage – store clothes that are out of season properly, taking careful care to keep them free from moisture damage.  Sealed plastic boxes and garment bags are two simple ways to do this.

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Hang on! This Garment Rack is a swinging value!

It’s a jungle out there, but when you’re in need of a quality Garment Rack, don’t be afraid to trust one that looks like a Jungle Gym. Many folks have taken one look at the incredible Folding Garment Rack with Dual Hang Rails from Stacks and Stacks and taken a leap of faith. And boy, did it pay off. You may find yourself swinging around and around internet garment rack retailers, searching high and low, back and forth, up and down for value and functionality, jumping wildly at sale prices and landing hard at impossible shipping costs. Well friend, relax and let go. The Folding Garment Rack with Dual Hang Rails will make your soul soar!

Called the “Salesman’s Rack” because it’s relied on by business travelers in many industries, the Folding Garment Rack with Dual Hang Rails is a rolling garment rack folds down to only 5″ high. Even though it can fit in the trunk of your car, the double rail clothing rack can hold 250 lbs of apparel! With two 12″ extensions and adjustable height, you don’t have to limit this garment storage rack to travel; it’s also perfect for everyday needs (gymnastics not recommended). This folding garment rack is made of steel with a chrome finish, and its height adjusts to 56, 61, and 66 inches. In a world where hanging your garment from the perfect rack is becoming more and more obscured by racks that aren’t perfect for your garment, feel free to throw your trust into the Folding Garment Rack with Dual Hang Rails. Flip your garment rack search from a chore to an adventure!

Justice, Garment Rack Style.

If you need to lay down the law on garments, stray garments that have been found either wet or dry, strange garments that would otherwise lie in a cruel heap of crooked uncertainty, then you need the perfect way to lay down the law. You need to hang them up. HANG ‘EM. With the inventive Hang ‘n Hide Folding Garment Rack, you can dish out justice in just seconds. And it’s dirt simple. Just install the rack, rack the garments, store the garments, dry the garments, hide the rack, and court is adjourned. Easy-peasy, and we don’t mean wheezy. You’ll be done with the chore of doing chores in no time, and those garments will know better than to mess around with the law. What is the law? “Leave no garment un-hung!”

There’s no better way than the Hang ‘n Hide Folding Garment Rack to hang clothing and laundry, and its benefits are astounding. The Hang ‘n Hide is a great space saving solution for clothes storage whether your needs are temporary or permanent. Maximize the wall space in your laundry room, dorm, closet, basement, or garage with this patented laundry hanging rack. And if you need some extra room to hang clothes on any wall, this wall mounted drying rack is the perfect way to organize just about any place in your home or office.

What’s that, pal? You think it will take a whole afternoon to install Hang ‘n Hide Folding Garment Rack? Wrong. Dead wrong. You can instantly set up this retractable clothes hanger in any closet or on any wall with the installation kit included. The Hang ‘n Hide Folding Garment Rack, or laundry drying rack if you will, is constructed of super strong ABS plastic and features chrome plated swing arms that collapse flat and out of the way when not in use. Hang up to 17 hangers and a load of 10 pounds. That’s a bunch of justice that can be carried out by one rack.