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Garment Protectors for Formal Wear

If you use your garment rack for out of season clothes storage or for storing special occasion clothes, you want to make sure that you are protecting those clothes the right way.  The most common threats to stored clothes are insects and moisture.  Both of these disasters can be avoided by keeping stored clothes covered in proper garment storage bags.  This dress and suit protector garment bag

dress and suit protector garment bag

dress and suit protector garment bag

is perfect for that job!  Garment storage bags should feature a zipper to fully close the bag for a good seal, ensuring water and bugs stay out!  I like this particular garment bag because it has one clear side that is made of PEVA , which is also an eco friendly material, but the best thing about it is that it allows you to see what is stored in each bag.  That way you don’t have to open up endless garment bags to find the right suit or formal dress you are looking for.  On the other side of this garment bag there is a fabric backing which serves two purposes.  First, it allows for some airflow to counteract the plastic front.  And secondly, it can provide valuable protection from sun damage.  A properly designed garment bag allows you to save suits, formal wear for years, keeping them safe from water, insects and sun damage.  If you have an open style garment rack in your home, a garment cover is a must have for those special clothes that you want to make last!
Here are some tips for buying a garment bag:
•    Look for a fully closed model.  Sometimes these are vinyl, sometimes canvas, polyester and even hard plastic clothes storage boxes are a great choice when you don’t have space on the closet rod.
•    Check to see how many hangers it can accommodate – some only hold one garment, great for formals, while others hold up to eight garments in one bag, which is a better choice for suits and business attire.

Open Garment Racks for Modern Homes

Many times, when I think about garment racks, I picture a covered garment rack.  Whether vinyl or canvas, I usually think about garment racks as being covered.  That is until I came across this collapsible garment rack with 4 shelves and double hanging rod, a totally open design, even the shelves are slatted for air flow and increased access.  I love the idea of a totally open garment rack, it has a very contemporary vibe to it.  It could be used in any room of the home for increased storage.  Create a bedroom or guestroom out of the office by adding this garment rack to the room, giving your guests somewhere to hang their clothes on their overnight visits.

collapsible garment rack with 4 shelves and double hanging rod

collapsible garment rack with 4 shelves and double hanging rod

Here are some more great ways to use an open shelf garment rack:
•     Sports Equipment – In the garage, this garment rack is perfect for jerseys and uniforms, cleats and running shoes.  The open shelves keep air circulating to reduce odors and keep the whole family organized and ready for game day.
•    Guest Room Closet – Turn any room into a guest room providing clothes storage
•    Hall or Coat Closet – If you have a large closet anywhere in the home that is lacking organization, this is a great tool for adding order to that area.  The closet rod can hold jackets, while shelves keep purses, shoes and other accessories neat and tidy.
•    Features of this garment rack include:
o    PVC connectors – these are sturdy and add a modern feel to the unit.
o    Five shelves offer storage of shoes, sweaters, purses, shirts and other folded garments
o    A double hanging rod to maximize use of vertical space – perfect for shorter garments like slacks, shirts and blazers.
o    Slatted shelves allow for air circulation and also contribute to the contemporary style of the unit.

Make Clothes Last Longer to Stretch your Budget

As we all tighten our budgets, we are looking for ways to save money in every area of our lives.  We find ourselves asking questions like:  How can I make my car last longer?  How can I stretch my grocery dollar?  And how can I shop for clothing less?  Fortunately, the last question has an easy answer.  To spend less on money on clothes, you’ve got to use what you have better.  With clothes, that means you will want to take better care of them to make them last longer.  There are many ways to do this, and one of the easiest and cheapest methods is to use vinyl hanging shoulder covers.

Vinyl Shoulder Covers

Vinyl Shoulder Covers

These nifty clothes saving inventions couldn’t be easier to use.  Simply hang your clothes up as you normally would on a hanger, gather a few of those hangers together and then slip one of these plastic clothes storage bags over the top of the hanger.  This helps with everything from dust and water stains to damage from moths and other insects.  And since they are crystal clear, you can still see everything that you have in your closet.

Here are some additional ways to make your clothes last longer:
1.     Cedar – Cedar is a natural insect repellent and smells heavenly, doing double duty in the closet and helping to extend the life of your clothing.  Look for cedar hangers, sachets and other products.
2.    Washing Carefully – Don’t be lazy with your laundry.  Following the manufacturer’s instructions on washing and drying can save wear and tear, extending the life of your garments substantially.  Example:  If it says wash in cold water, then do so.  Not HOT water, not WARM water, just cold.
3.    Out of Season Clothes Storage – store clothes that are out of season properly, taking careful care to keep them free from moisture damage.  Sealed plastic boxes and garment bags are two simple ways to do this.

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Garment Racks that Utilize Conveyor Belts?

Some fellow said “if life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long.” Hmm. That’s a thought. But if life was really a highway, I’d like to ride it for more than just one night, you know? I’d like to ride it for 180+ years. Which is exactly the amount of time it probably took to design someting as incredible as the Robotic Garment Hanger Conveyor Belt Monorail System you see before you.

Many folks have taken one look at an item called the Arrowhanger White Instahanger and thought it was similar in design and function to the incredible incredible as the Robotic Garment Hanger Conveyor Belt Monorail System you, but those people are clearly incorrect.

Is it cheaper than the Robotic Garment Hanger Conveyor Belt Monorail System? Well, sure it is. But I’m sorry, I just can’t equate a massive powerhouse of steel and electricity and purpose and resolve to a simple door hanger. Sorry, I won’t do it. But people kept telling me I’d really be blown away by the Instahanger if I gave it a chance, and maybe even change my mind. I laughed. They must be crazy. Turns out I was the crazy one.

The folding Arrowhanger White Instahanger extends from the wall to give you 12″ of instant clothes storage space. Designed to be used in the laundry room for hang-drying clothes, this clothes dryer is also ideal for the guestroom, bathroom or even in the bedroom as a closet space-saver.


Simply fold it out from the wall and hang tomorrow’s outfit on it. When you are not using the wall mount garment rack, it folds down instantly! Here are some more great features:

  • Made of solid ABS plastic with chrome plated steel.
  • Easy to install, includes instructions, mounting template and hardware for wood, hollow drywall or masonry installation.
  • Holds up to 50 lbs.