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All He Wants for Christmas

Last spring, my son achieved his MBA and has since been trying to make it in the world as a business professional.  He moved to a city with lots of job potential and has been doing everything he could to land a good one.  Finally, he did! Just last week he called to tell me he’d be working for SoAndSo & SoAndSo, making a more-than-decent salary and wouldn’t have to worry about borrowing another month’s rent.  I asked him what he wants for Christmas, and said he he needs some things to help maintain his professional image.  So I have been doing some research on things to get him.

Because he lives in a big city now (paying an excruciating amount for a shoebox size apartment), he’ll need a good laundry bag for toting to and from the laundromat:

His overpriced and cramped (but ideally located) apartment is also lacking a closet, so he’ll need a garment rack to hang his clothes.  This one is perfect because it has two levels and built in shelves for shoes, sweaters, jeans, etc:

To save him some money on dry cleaning (did I mention the overpriced city apartment???), a pants press will come in handy.

A tutorial on how to use it may also come in handy, I’d better give it a try then show him how to operate it.

And speaking of freshly pressed slacks, a pant trolley will be helpful for keeping them hanging neat and tidily.  I wouldn’t want him spend time pressing his slacks, if they’re just going to get wrinkled again with all the other clothes.

And last but not least, like every professional man, my son needs a suit valet.  It will help keep him organized and on time in the morning, and maybe even allow him those few extra minutes of sleep I know he loves so much.

Now, I know that there is much more to being a successful business person, but as a mom the least I can do is help my son keep a sharp image as part of his success.  If you too like any of these items, here’s how you can find them.  Happy holidays folks!

Featured Products:

1. Laundry Bag:  Laundry Carry Pack with Coin Pouch by Homz

2.  Garment Rack:  Double Rod Closet by Whitmor

3.  Pant Presser:  Deluxe Digital Fabric Steam Press by Vornado Air

4.  Slack Rack:  Rolling Pant Trolley

5.  Valet Stand:  Walnut Designer Valet by Richards Homewares

Save Your Closet and Your Nose with Cedar Closet Hang Ups

cedar closet hang ups

cedar closet hang ups

I have noticed that, even with clean clothes hanging up in the closet, the closet still gets that musky, stale, unpleasant smell.  Especially in the kids’ closets, which are full of dirty shoes and permanently stained sports gear.  And my husband’s closet has the same problem!  I thought about using air fresheners that automatically release scents, but ran into a few problems with those kinds of air fresheners.  They tend to have an overpowering smell, and a lot of them are too fruity or flowery and just end up making a worse smell!  And of course, you cannot burn candles in a closet – that would just be dangerous.

I just wanted to open up a closet and not encounter that musky closet smell.  It does not have to smell like an English rose garden, just not so stuffy.  I was also a little weary about the toxins and chemicals used in those artificial air fresheners.  What were we being exposed to?  I try to take a natural and organic approach with most household products, so using those just seemed to contradict that.

I found the solution to my problem with these amazing cedar hang ups!  Installing cedar wood panels into the bedroom closets was not within our budget, and it seemed like an extreme measure to take, given that we have five closets.  I had heard in the past about how cedar wood is a wonderful and natural way to keep clothes odor free.  My sister tried something similar, by using sachets filled with cedar wood chips.  And she said it worked really well!

So the hanging cedar panels, which come in a set of eight, are now my favorite way to eliminate odors.  I hung two in each of my kids’ closets, as well as two in my husband’s closet.  They not only keep the clothes smelling fresh, and cover up that musky closet smell, but also add a natural, woodsy aroma that I love!

Blast your Garment Rack to the Next Level!

An important member of the garment rack family is the pant trolley. If you have a large or small collection of pants, you need to join the club and get yourself a pant trolley. With many available options, such as wheels, wood, metal and size, you will never dread hanging your pants again!

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All Aboard the Pant Trolley!

 An important member of the garment rack family is the pant trolley. If you have a large or small collection of pants, you need to join the club and get yourself a pant trolley. With many available options, such as wheels, wood, metal and size, you will never dread hanging your pants again!

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The wonderful world of garment racks


For many of us, closet space is hard to come by and there are never enough laundry baskets in the house. Luckily, there is a way to fix both of these problems without adding to the clutter or blowing your budget. The simple solution is a garment rack.

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Space saving garment rack alternatives


I was in my apartment the other day and I was thinking about how garment racks just may not be practical for small apartments like mine. There are more space-saving options for garment racks, so you can still use the practicality and functionality of the concept and use less space.


I found this garment rack option at stacksandstacks.com. Not only does it fit conveniently in your closet, but also you can put it on either the back of the door or on your closet rod.

The nice thing about this rack is the length. You can store a lot more pants and take up less space than if they were all individually hanging side by side. The hangers on the rack are ultra-convenient because they pull out for easy removal and placing.


Another great closet garment rack option is the over the door garment rack. This option is great because you get the extra storage and function of a garment rack but there is no floor space used up, just space that is unused anyway.

It isn’t permanent so you can move it to whichever closet you need it in. This is also a great idea for extra laundry room storage options.