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Seasonal Clothing Storage 101

garment bagsA great way to keep your closets clutter-free is to store your out of season clothing elsewhere.  That means, during the winter your summer clothes go into storage and vice versa during the summer.  Don’t worry if you do not have a garage, there are plenty of places to find storage around the home – you just need to know where to look for it!  When it comes to managing clutter, especially when it comes to clothing, I absolutely treasure garment bags, which come in various styles.  Some garment bags hang over the closet rod to keep long coats and dresses stored, while others are designed for packing up sweaters and keeping them under the bed.

Ideally (if you have a garage) you should keep a garment rack in the garage for hanging items.  That way, all you have to do is transfer the hanging clothes to the garment rack and zip them up in some sort of protective storage bag.  You’ll want that bag to have good strong seams, somewhat rigid to maintain shape, and be transparent so you can see through to what’s inside.  Never go the easy route and use garbage bags, folks, you’ll regret it!  If you do not have a garage for storing seasonal clothes, you will have to be a little more creative.  But it is not difficult – utilize space under the bed, under the sofa, in a hall closet, etc.

Space Bags and other containers which use a vacuum to suck out the air are a dream come true for people with limited storage space.  Use those to hold your sundresses and tanks in the winter and your sweaters and scarves in the summer.  No matter how you go about it, you are sure to find that storing seasonal clothes is the key to having an organized and de-cluttered closet!

Handling Holiday Houseguests’ Laundry

The holidays are around the corner, and for a lot of us that means one thing – house guests.  By Christmas day, my house is packed with out of town relatives.  My sister, her husband and their two kids, my mom and dad, and Aunt Henrietta on my husband’s side of the family.  We always wanted a big house with lots of space for guest to stay over and feel welcomed during the holidays.  That was before we realized what an ordeal it can turn out to be, especially when it comes to the laundry mess!  The first year we hosted the whole family at Christmas, it didn’t occur to use to have spare laundry hampers around.  You can imaging the chaos that ensued.

Around day four of our family gathering I walked into the laundry room which looked more like a war zone.  Never mind the piles of dirty clothes – I couldn’t tell what belonged to whom and getting all the socks matched back up was a bigger task than cooking Christmas day dinner!  So the next year, I got smart and decided that every family/couple would have their own laundry basket.  But I didn’t want to have three or four extra clothes hampers around all year, so I needed something that would fold down and store away the rest of the year.  I decided on getting four spiral Pop hampers because they’re made of canvas and fold down flat.  When the gang isn’t in town, I can store them in the garage with other seasonal items.

I am so glad that I solved the holiday laundry problem, and that it was such an easy solution!  Doing laundry when my family is in town for the holidays is easier on everyone, not just myself.  Everyone’s dirty clothes come in and go out in the same laundry hamper and now they can fold their own socks!

Guide for Practical Gifts Pt 1 – Laundry Hampers

Who says a practical item like a clothes hamper can’t make a great gift?  I have a friend who loves practical gifts because she’s very minimalistic and doesn’t like “things”.  Being a single working mom, she also can’t afford to buy herself a lot of those basic necessities.  Chances are you probably have someone in your life like that as well.  So here are some gift ideas for that who could not only benefit from a practical gift, but would love it because they wouldn’t or couldn’t afford themselves the luxury of getting a fancy laundry hamper.

Because she’s a busy mom, my friend could really benefit from a laundry sorter to keep her organized and cut back on laundry time.  With something like this, she can keep everyone’s dirty clothes sorted, and gain some storage:


For someone with a family but limited space, I would recommend something a little more compact.  You can still get the large capacity, without taking over the laundry room with something like this:

Anyone who doesn’t have a washer and dryer in their home and has to travel with their laundry needs an easy way to tote it around.  I suggest either a bag that they can carry over their shoulder, or a rolling cart to bear the load, like this:

If you just need a basic laundry hamper to hold your laundry and maybe one other person’s, go with something stylish like this:


If you need a larger capacity hamper to sort laundry but still want style like the last hamper, then this one gives you the best of both worlds!

If you like these hampers either for yourself or as a practical gift for someone in your life, then I think you have great taste too!

Here’s where you can find them:

1.  Laundry Cart: Bamboo Laundry Center by Neu Home

2. Compact Cart:  Triple Laundry Sorter

3. Portable Hamper:  Collapsible Laundry Hamper Caddy by Caddy Concepts

4. Stylish Hamper:  Nadina Hamper by LaMont