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Drying Racks Gift Guide

Just in time for holiday shopping, I have compiled a list of favorite clothes drying racks.  “Why on earth would I buy someone a drying rack as a gift?”, you say.  Because a clothes drying rack is something that every one needs!  Get one for your wife, your sister, a friend, anyone who needs a new solution for hanging clothes to dry.  I have made sure to include something here for everyone, including apartment dwellers, home owners and everyone in between!

This expandable drying rack is perfect for anyone.  It has the ability to expand and contract to meet one’s needs.  It holds a large capacity without taking up too much space:

For someone who doesn’t have a lot of space in their laundry room, or doesn’t have one at all, this countertop rack is ideal.  Best of all, it can be folded down and stored in a tight space when not in use:

Another space saving solution for garment drying racks is something that hangs over the door, like this one:

Someone with a large family and enough space in their laundry room would benefit from a larger, more traditional drying rack.  I recommend this one because it offers A LOT of hanging space:

Last but certainly not least, this over door drying rack is the simplest and smallest solution, to meet the most basic needs.  It also makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

As you can see, drying racks come in all shapes and sizes and there is just about any kind available to meet everyone’s needs.  Show someone you really care about them this holiday season with an unforgettable gift like the ones I’ve listed above.  Happy Holidays folks!

Here’s where you can find these awesome clothes drying racks:

1.  Expandable Clothes Drying Rack by Household Essentials

2. Countertop Drying Rack by Polder

3. Brabantia Door Drying Rack

4. 3 Tier Airer Clothes Drying Rack by Moerman Americas

5. Over the Door Hanger Holder – Set of 2

All He Wants for Christmas

Last spring, my son achieved his MBA and has since been trying to make it in the world as a business professional.  He moved to a city with lots of job potential and has been doing everything he could to land a good one.  Finally, he did! Just last week he called to tell me he’d be working for SoAndSo & SoAndSo, making a more-than-decent salary and wouldn’t have to worry about borrowing another month’s rent.  I asked him what he wants for Christmas, and said he he needs some things to help maintain his professional image.  So I have been doing some research on things to get him.

Because he lives in a big city now (paying an excruciating amount for a shoebox size apartment), he’ll need a good laundry bag for toting to and from the laundromat:

His overpriced and cramped (but ideally located) apartment is also lacking a closet, so he’ll need a garment rack to hang his clothes.  This one is perfect because it has two levels and built in shelves for shoes, sweaters, jeans, etc:

To save him some money on dry cleaning (did I mention the overpriced city apartment???), a pants press will come in handy.

A tutorial on how to use it may also come in handy, I’d better give it a try then show him how to operate it.

And speaking of freshly pressed slacks, a pant trolley will be helpful for keeping them hanging neat and tidily.  I wouldn’t want him spend time pressing his slacks, if they’re just going to get wrinkled again with all the other clothes.

And last but not least, like every professional man, my son needs a suit valet.  It will help keep him organized and on time in the morning, and maybe even allow him those few extra minutes of sleep I know he loves so much.

Now, I know that there is much more to being a successful business person, but as a mom the least I can do is help my son keep a sharp image as part of his success.  If you too like any of these items, here’s how you can find them.  Happy holidays folks!

Featured Products:

1. Laundry Bag:  Laundry Carry Pack with Coin Pouch by Homz

2.  Garment Rack:  Double Rod Closet by Whitmor

3.  Pant Presser:  Deluxe Digital Fabric Steam Press by Vornado Air

4.  Slack Rack:  Rolling Pant Trolley

5.  Valet Stand:  Walnut Designer Valet by Richards Homewares

Clothes Drying Racks – Everyone needs a good one!

Whether you have access to an automatic dryer or not, manual line clothes drying is a necessity for almost anyone!  Some of us don’t have a machine to dry our clothes and even those of us who do, often have to line dry delicate garments.  I have noticed that line drying clothes is becoming popular as a “green” way of living.  It cuts down on energy use and will save you a little money monthly (and everyone is looking to save a penny here and there in this economy).

Now, you can find just about any kind of clothes drying rack for sale out there on the internet.  Whether you need something to hang a whole load outside, a few garments in your laundry area, or a load over the bathtub in your tiny urban apartment.  There are laundry racks that hang over the door, mount to the wall, stand over the tub, extend from the wall, and everywhere in between! The reason this topic interests me is because it applies to just about everyone.  Even if all you need to hang dry is a blouse or pair of stockings here and there.

When looking for a rack to dry garments and laundry, consider your needs.  First and foremost: capacity.  Are you going to be drying whole loads of laundry or just a few pieces at a time?  Secondly, consider how much space is available; do you have a laundry room, a back yard, or just a space in your bathroom?  Will you need to use a wall mounted drying rack to save floor space, or will you have to go with a freestanding rack because the landlord won’t abide wall damage?  Whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a perfect clothes drying rack out there for you!