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The Coolest in Car Organizing Gear

Auto Clothes Bar - Expandable Garment Rack

Auto Clothes Bar – Expandable Garment Rack

Every once in a while I come across a really cool organizing tool.  This week my pick is actually designed for use in the car.  If you have a regular commute, you know how important it is to keep your car neat and tidy – it is essential to your well being on the road!  This awesome car organizing tool is great for anyone who uses the services of a dry cleaner, or for anyone who has a long commute and wears a suit.  This In-Car Expandable Clothes Bar is a must have to keep your business clothing in tip top shape.  Whether you simply like to hang up your suit and change at your destination or you have a large load of dry cleaning to pick up, this car organizer is a wonderful solution!  This hanging clothes bar simply hooks onto the existing handles in the backseat of your car and is expandable to fit most models.  Then, voila!  An instant closet rod in your car!
Here are some of my other favorite car organizers:
Glove Box Organizers – These range from envelopes to hold your registration and insurance paperwork to CD holders.
Trunk Organizers – I’ve seen great tools for organizing the trunk of the car, such as little handles and stands that keep things from rolling around while you are driving and large canvas carriers that hold grocery bags upright.  There are even specialty trunk organizers for golfers, tennis players and more.
Kids Car Organizers – With these, it’s important to make sure that your child can reach the items that they need so that you won’t have to turn around and help them.  I love the organizers that fit over the front seat headrests as they take up no extra room in the car and offer easy access for little ones to their toys.

Keeping A Small Space Organized

One of the biggest keys to succeeding while you are away at college is to keep your workspace and living spaces as clean and organized as possible. As someone who learned to change my ways and plan ahead to stay organized after consistently struggling to keep my surroundings structured while in college, I am an excellent authority on the subject. Unfortunately, I learned to get organized after I graduated from college, which did my academic career no favors but has prepared me for the world of employment. Learn from my mistakes and successes and you will find being organized is easier than you ever expected.

The Variety Stash - Hanging 23 Pocket Organizer

The Variety Stash – Hanging 23 Pocket Organizer

One of the biggest road-blocks to organization while in college is the simple fact that there is not much space in the dorm to store everything you need to survive for a semester. From snacks and cleaning supplies to notebooks and clothing, there are a lot of items that need to be stored and not much room to put it in. Because of this dilemma, it takes a great deal of ingenuity to get all of your stuff stored into the often cell-like college dorm (especially for freshman who always end up getting the worst dorms on campus).

A great way to save space and add organizer to your dorm room is to utilize every space available for storage. Over the door organizers are a great way to maximize under-utilized spaces in the dorm and have a variety of uses, from handbags to backpack and from jackets to classroom supplies.

The Variety Stash hanging 23 pocket organizeris perfect for catch-all organization and storage in the dorm room. This organizer has a variety of pocket-sizes, making it perfect for storing everything from pens to notebooks. What makes this organizer perfect for the dorm room is that it provides the perfect place to store small items that always end up cluttering a dorm room and making it uncomfortably messy. When there is an item that you cannot find a home for, simply find a slot in this organizer to keep the item, clearing up the coffee table, counter or desk that it would inevitably end up on.

Over the Door Hooks with Basket - by Richards Homewares

Over the Door Hooks with Basket – by Richards Homewares

Over the door racks are also a great accessory for the bathroom. In my experience, one of the most hotly contested areas in dorm-life is keeping the bathroom organized and separating your property from your dorm-mates’. An over the door hooks with basket is a great addition to your dorm bathroom. This rack has five hooks so you can assign a hook for each roommate, clearing up the icky and confusing game of “Whose towel is whose?” There is also a large shelf area that is great for storing extra bathroom materials and cleaning supplies for the bathroom.

Of course, not all of college is studying and hard work. Video games, music and movies are all important parts of social life in the dorms, so keep all of your gear organized by using a game storage over the door rack. This rack makes it easy to keep your games, controllers, gaming guides and other entertainment materials organized and in one convenient place. This over the door rack might have to be more of a supplemental organizer for your media, as many college students have gargantuan music / movie / video game collections, but it is a great way to keep frequently used items close at hand.

Over-the-Door Message Center

Over-the-Door Message Center

Lastly, communication with your roommates is a key component to keeping the dorm room organized and comfortable. Using an over the door message center is a great way to keep track of chores and to let your roomies know what your plan is for the day. The top corkboard is perfect for posting paperwork, bills and other items that always end up lost when left on the desk or counter-top.

With these space-saving and dorm-organizing over the door racks, you are one step closer to having an organized semester, perhaps for the first time in your college career!