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Tips To Do Your Own Laundry In College

Laundry for Dummies Kit

Laundry for Dummies Kit

As a brand-new college freshman, many young people heading back to school for the fall are beginning to make some eye-opening discoveries: They are meeting new people from all over the country (and sometimes even all over the world); they are having their world-view opened up to a variety of perspectives; and, they are taking new and exciting courses that were never before offered at their high schools.

Of course, not every single new discovery is quite so positive: College freshman are also learning that there is no one to make your dinner or force you to eat healthy; procrastinating until the night before a big exam never works; it is now on you to drag your body out of bed and make it to class in time; and perhaps most important of all, Mom and Dad are not there to do your laundry anymore, and yes, you smell terrible when you do not do laundry for a month.

While some brand new college students will have to learn these lessons the hard way, one way to be prepared for college dorm life is to have convenient laundry accessories at the ready, such as laundry bags, totes, cleaning supplies and more! All too often with college students, if there are multiple barriers preventing a chore from being completed, it gets put on the back burner and often never gets done (this is a bad, bad thing when it comes to cleaning your stinky, sweaty socks!).

The Laundry Kit for Dummies includes everything a brand-new college student needs to keep their laundry organized and keep them looking their best. This unique laundry accessory kit includes a collapsible laundry hamper, two bags for washing delicates, plus two dryer balls that are the perfect substitute for dryer sheets. Rounding out this perfect laundry set is a lint roller and a table top ironing board so not only will the college student smell pleasant, he or she will also have crisp and lint-free clothing.

With all of these new experiences to be to gleaned upon first arriving at college, it makes life much easier for your incoming college freshman to be prepared for as many of the more obvious first-time-college lessons as possible. Preparing them with everyday essentials such as laundry accessories is the perfect way for them to put their best foot forward.

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Tight On Dorm Room Storage? Look Under The Bed!

With so little space it can be difficult to find storage in your dorm room for everything from clothes to books to sports equipment. Getting creative with the space you have is the key to keeping that tiny closet from getting overrun, because nobody wants to open their closet doors in the morning to fight with an avalanche of stuff!

Bed Lifters - Wood by Richards Homewares

Bed Lifters – Wood by Richards Homewares

What’s the one piece of furniture taking up most of the space in your dorm? The bed! By adding bed risers to your standard dorm bed you can take advantage of unused space and add convenient storage. Coming in a variety of styles and heights, there is sure to be a bed riser to fit your bed and storage needs.

The Bed Riser comes in several heights and features a streamlined design that looks like it’s part of the bed frame. This way your storage needs can be customized based on just how much extra space you add to the under bed area. Only need a little lift? Add the Bed Lifters – Wood that come in two wood finishes, perfect for matching with a wood bed frame.

Not sure just how much extra height your bed needs? Try the Adjustable 8 piece Bed Raiser for a versatile design that allows beds to raised at intervals so you can place the bed at just the right height. These stacking bed raisers are also easy to reuse at home when college is over.

Now that you’ve got so much new storage space you can organize it further with some under bed storage bins. Look for long bins that make the most of all that space with a split, lift top lid on one end for easy access. You can also treat the under bed area as an extension of your closet. Add bins with drawers to store everything from sweaters to shoes.

Dorm Accessories Get Really Basic

plastic hangers

plastic hangers

I remember the week before I started college.  My mom took me to the local drugstore to purchase “the basics”, or what she thought I would need to set up my dorm room, and to set up my new life as a professional student.  A few of the things I probably would have thought of on my own (toothpaste, deodorant), but beyond that, I have to admit that I was clueless.  She had been “furnishing” my life for 18 years up to that point for me, but now she was about to send me off, and clearly, by the look of the list she brought along, she wasn’t quite ready to hand over the reins for some reason.
It went something like this:  “Laundry Detergent?  Check.  Staples?  Okay, if you say so!  Roll of Quarters?  Huh?  What do I need those for? “
If you are in the shoes my mom found herself in (some 15 years ago, I might add), you’ve probably got the basics down yourself.  But here are a few more things you may not have thought of that you should add to your back-to-school shopping list:
·         Plastic Hangers – Why? They’re just so darn cheap!  And something I know that my mom forgot to send up with me (Imagine my surprise that closets don’t come complete with hangers).  Wire is great too if you have a bunch left over from the dry-cleaners (and free).
·         Roll of Quarters  (or two or three) – Yep, your not-so-much munchkin anymore is going to have to do his laundry all by himself, and he will have to pay for it.  And if you think he’s going to run out to get change when he runs out of clean sox, think again – he’s got better things to do now.
·         A jump-drive – also called a flash drive, barely yet invented when I was in college, but now an absolute must-have for every student.