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Morning Go Smoother With An Organized Closet

When starting to outfit your first apartment there are a lot of basic closet storage items you simply can’t go without. Investing in items that are durable and can be used for years to come means you won’t have to waste time and money replacing cheaper alternative. Having the right storage tools makes life and getting dressed a lot simpler.

Giant Hanger - 12 Pack - White Plastic Hangers

Giant Hanger – 12 Pack – White Plastic Hangers

When outfitting the closet it’s important to have the essentials, from the right hangers to the proper shoe storage. Don’t mess around with dinky hangers that don’t keep your shirts off the closet floor. Use the Giant Hanger – 12 Pack – White Plastic Hangers to keep everything from jackets to dresses in their place and ready to wear. Built in hooks keep the straps of dresses where they should be, while the wide design of this hanger means clothes can’t easily slip off.

Shoes shouldn’t be stored in a pile on the floor, you can use anything from an over the door shoe rack to a floor shoe rack to ensure each pair maintains its shape. Modular racks are a great option for a growing shoe collection and that way you don’t have to get rid of your old rack when you have to many shoes to fit on it.

Does your closet have a built in shelf? It can be hard to keep items organized on an open shelf. Add some dividers so you can keep everything from handbags to sweaters neatly stored. Need additional shelf space? Consider adding a hanging shelf to store anything from shoes to shirts.

These tools give you what you need to keep your wardrobe organized and give you a head start on a fabulous closet. With these items you’re on your way to the closet of your dreams!

Luggage Racks – So Many Uses!

Bamboo Luggage Rack

Bamboo Luggage Rack

I never knew before that there were so many cool uses for luggage racks.  Like most people I was only familiar with them as the thing that most hotel rooms have in the closet to help you unpack and pack up again.  My mom was the first person I knew to use one in her guest bedroom, which I have always appreciated because not only does it come in handy, but it makes me feel like I’m staying at a nice resort.  I decided to employ a luggage stand in my own guest bedroom and decided on a luggage rack with curved legs and toile straps by Gate House because it goes well with my shabby chic décor.
In my search I came across a number of creative repurposed luggage racks.  Apparently, you can turn one like this foldaway suitcase stand – hardwood walnut finish into a side table by adding a piece of wood, or a serving tray, or better yet an old hard sided suitcase.  This has a really cute effect in casual, eclectic and shabby chic spaces.  The four straps will help keep the surface you add stable, and you can even add a couple of screws to help.  To create a cool display for photos, linens, or your child’s stuffed animals, place an old hard sided suitcase on top but open it up to create a display area.  These are very easy DIY project with luggage racks!
If you want to use a folding suitcase rack in the traditional way, the bamboo luggage rack with two straps is a great way to go.  It has a decorative look that I would pair with other “natural” home furnishings and tropical inspired décor.  Plus, it’s an eco friendly home storage piece which it seems like everyone wants to get in on these days.

Metal Hangers Galore Take Many Forms

metal hanger

metal hanger

Clothes hangers have been around forever and are a must have in any organized garment rack.  But many advancements in organizing tools over the past few decades have resulted in great new tools to keep your closet or garment rack looking neat and tidy!  Hangers come in all shapes, sizes and materials, from wooden to plastic, metal and more.  I usually go for metal hangers when I am organizing a client’s closet, for a few reasons.  First of all, they simply last longer than plastic.  Even if they cost a tiny bit more, it is a worth while investment.  Secondly, although they may be a bit more expensive than plastic, they are usually less expensive than wood, a major plus for the budget minded.  Here is what I consider to be some of the most useful metal hangers available, and why:
Clamp Hangers – These clamping hangers, like this set of 6 Skirt and Slack Hangers – Jawbreaker Clamp are nothing new, they are great for hanging skirts and slacks.  Look for a non slip kind, which leads me to the next category…
Non Slip Hangers – So important for keeping your closet neat and tidy, non slip hangers are a must have in every home.  These use everything from vinyl to foam, as with these Open End Trouser Hangers, Set of Nine to keep any type of clothing on the hanger, where it belongs, and off the floor.  That also ensures safekeeping of your garments for added longevity.
Multiple Garment Hangers – This is a great choice for those with limited closet space, or those with plenty of closet space that has somehow already been filled to the brim.  This Multiple Blouse Hanger- Set of 3 keeps you covered for tops, while the  Multiple Skirt Hanger (2) keeps you covered with skirts or slacks.
Hanger Hangers!  No, that’s not a typo.  This handy Laundry Valet Rod is literally a wall mounted hanger that is designed to hold hangers.  Perfect for use in the laundry room to hang dry blouses coats and other delicate items.

Making the Most out of Your Space with a Laundry Butler

With all of the recent graduates entering real adult hood, it is important to remember that some of those first time homes, whether they are rented, purchased, condos, townhomes, studios, are often short on space in at least one area.  So it’s important to get used to making the most of the space that you have in your home, and this really holds true for anyone of any age.  So whether you are just fresh out of college, renting your first studio apartment on your own or you are in the middle years of life, moving into a densely packed urban area, here are some tips for you to fit more into tight spaces:
Closet – This is an obvious place to start since the closet has the best possible storage potential after the garage, which I’m guessing you don’t have if you are still reading this!  Closet double rods are great for maximizing storage capacity, they literally double the hanging space you have for clothing.  If, however, you don’t hang very many clothes, my tip is to actually put your dresser into the closet, hanging short items like blouses and skirts over the top of it.  A garment rack is also helpful if closet space falls short.

laundry butler

laundry butler

Laundry Room – You can get really creative in the laundry room simply by mounting shelves over and around the washer and dryer as a place to store cleaning supplies for the whole house.  Another option is to look for a very narrow cart, like the Laundry Butler, that slides in between the washer and dryer for storage – now that is some serious space-saving if you ask me!
Kitchen – Look at those tall pantry shelves and imagine putting wire shelves in them to divide up the space.  So much space goes wasted when you have tall pantry shelves, as you can only stack food so high before it topples over.  A wire shelf almost doubles the space that you have for storage of dishes and food!

Making Laundry Day Easier

Laundry day in my house should be an Olympic sport!  If it were, I am sure I would at least place silver if not gold.  Like most households, I am the laundry queen.  I would imagine that any busy mom could commiserate with me on what it is like trying to get everyone to help out.  But then, I have always one of those “if you want it done right, better do it yourself” kind of people.  And my husband and kids do help out in other ways so I can’t complain.

Laundry Caddy Cart with Sturdy Canvas Bag

Laundry Caddy Cart with Sturdy Canvas Bag

In our home, we use a laundry caddy cart with sturdy bag in every bedroom.  Come Friday morning, everyone knows what they are supposed to do.  Brush your teeth, make your bed, and wheel your laundry basket to the laundry room.   It’s an effective system because I don’t have to spend time going around the house to each room collecting and juggling bulky laundry baskets.  And we have gotten to a point where I do not have to ask – I step into the laundry room and it’s like a happy little family of rolling laundry carts moved in overnight!

Besides the convenience of the casters, what I like most about this rolling laundry caddy is the removable canvas bag.  First, the clothes go in and then the bag follows!  I read a while ago that you should wash your dirty clothes container (whether it be fabric or plastic) as often as you wash the clothing because all those germs and bacteria transfer to the laundry basket.  So basically, if you are not washing your laundry hamper you are essentially putting freshly cleaned and sanitized garments back into a pool of germs.  Something to think about.
Laundry day does not have to be a nightmare folks.  Simply find the laundry organizing system that best suits your family, like the laundry caddy cart does for mine, and perfect it to a science.  You’ll see just how smoothly it can go!

Garment Rack of the Week has a Shelf!

This week’s choice has everything you want in a garment rack and more!  The Chrome Garment Rack with Top Shelf is an all around A+ choice for storing clothes in the bedroom, office, guest room or even out in the garage.  Why?  Well, let’s just start with style.  This garment rack has a fun, refreshing modern design to it.  The mixture of materials also gives it a mixture of colors and finishes, with chrome being the main highlight which we know is great for the contemporary style minded.

Chrome Garment Rack with Top Shelf

Chrome Garment Rack with Top Shelf

Read on to find out what else I love about this garment rack:

Casters – I think that every garment rack should come with wheels on it like this one does.  Let’s face it, you will always have a need to move it in and out of the way, no matter where you are using it.  The casters make that job easy, and also make it easier to clean under.  If your garment rack is stationary, you are not going to vacuum under it, yet the dust will still be gathering down there.

Adjustability – This rack has arms that allow the total closet rod hanging space to adjust from 41.25″ to 66.75″, and it does so without looking bulky and imposing on the room too much.  You can draw those arms out when guests come to visit and then push them back in when they leave.

Shelf – I love it when there are additional storage methods incorporated into a garment rack.  This one has a shelf on top which is a great place to stack sweaters or t-shirts and other non-hanging items.  It also makes it a great choice for storing all of your uniforms and sporting equipment in the garage.
Shoe Rack – That’s Right!  This garment rack also has a shoe rack built in.  Need I say more?