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A Garment Rack For An Easier Laundry Day

Living in an apartment without a dedicated laundry room, doing the laundry can be quite a pain for me. I live on the fourth floor of an apartment building, and the nearest laundry mat is four blocks away. There is no parking for this laundry mat so I have to walk to it, and it can be quite a task to carry all of my laundry to the Laundromat and back once a week. The issue is not so much getting the laundry there when it is dirty; it is taking all of my clean laundry back to my apartment. I do not want to wad up all my freshly dried clothes, particularly my work shirts and slacks, but I am left with few other options.

Garment Rack

Garment Rack

That is, until I made the purchase that changed my laundry carrying habits forever. I found the sturdy and stable Garment Rack, which makes transporting laundry from the mat to my apartment so much easier, plus I can keep all of my shirts and slacks hung up while I transport them, preventing them from getting all wrinkled up!

The rack is made from durable steel, allowing it to hold up perfectly when I am traversing the four blocks between the laundry mat and my home. Set on four casters, it easily conquers the treacherous broken sidewalks and weeds growing in the cracks. Another great feature of this garment rack is the hanging storage compartments, perfect for placing my detergent, drier sheets, quarters and of course, a good book to enjoy while I wait for my laundry to get finished.

This garment rack has made doing my laundry a must easier task, and one that I do not dread anymore. My shirts and slacks look sharp every day because they are able to be hung up right out of the drier!

An Extra Sturdy Garment Rack For Extra Storage

An overstuffed closet can present a number of problems for any person.  When you have too many garments hanging on the rack, they easily get wrinkled and forgotten about.  And it is pretty well known now that household clutter is a stress inducer for most people.  It tends to be a reminder of how out of control things have gotten.  De-cluttering around my house has not only become an activity I enjoy, but the more organized and tidy my home becomes, the more care free I am.

Steel Garment Rack with 2 Shelves and Hanging Rod by Intermetro

Steel Garment Rack with 2 Shelves and Hanging Rod by Intermetro

For me, the abundance of clothing I own has always been an issue.  What can I say, I like clothes!  And I have always had crowded, over filled closets with clothes smashed up against each other like sardines in a can.  Which always means more wasted time looking for an article of clothing and having to re-iron it.  My solution to this problem happened when I started storing my seasonal clothing in the garage.  Some items are multi-seasonal, but others really aren’t and you can afford to send them on a little vacation somewhere else in the house.
This steel garment rack with 2 shelves and hanging rod by Intermetro was a smart choice.  It is sturdy, but rolls around easily when I need it to, and it offers around forty eight inches of hanging space!  You can hang long and short garments on it, and you can store other seasonal items such as winter shoes and accessories on the top and bottom shelves.  I believe the shelves that are incorporated into the frame provide more stability all over, than you would get with regular clothing racks, which tend to be flimsy and tip over easily.  Also, it comes in either white or chrome so you can actually choose the one that suits your taste.

Make Use Of Unused Space With An Over-the-Door Garment Rack

Have clothes and shoes spilling out of your bedroom closet? Think you’ve run out of closet space? Well think again! There are countless ways to gain additional closet space for everything from shoes to clothing to accessories. Just a few creative storage tools and your closet will once again be manageable and used to it’s full potential.

Over-the-Door Garment Rack

Over-the-Door Garment Rack

When you find yourself stuffing hangers into place it might be time to add more rack space with the Over-the-Door Garment Rack. This rack makes the most of unused closet door space and can be added everywhere from the bedroom to the coat closet. A smaller rack is the perfect place to lay out clothes for the week so you don’t have to search through your wardrobe everyday for something to wear. Over door organizers can also provide storage for everything from a collection of hats or handbags or shoes. That way everything is on display and easy to find, rather than getting lost in the back of your closet.

Need even more hanger space? Consider a double rod to store shorter items of clothing like shirts, jackets or folded pants. Adding it to just one side of a closet quickly adds clothing space that can easily be removed when it is no longer needed. This is also ideal for gaining storage in coat closets where extra space often goes unused.

Make the most of closet shelves by adding stacking wire shelves that can double shelf space. Shelf dividers are another way to keep items organized and easy to grab, rather than having a messy disorganized space. If you have an extra foot of hanging space to spare in the closet a hanging closet organizer also adds shelf space for items that can’t be stored on hangers, like sweaters or purses. With the right tools a more manageable closet is within reach!