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Over the Door Rack for Bulky Coats

Living in our nation’s third largest city, the bustling metropolis of Chicago is absolutely wonderful. There are just so many benefits to living in a bustling, faced paced, diverse urban center. I am always able to find things to do, places to see, food to eat, and I am never bored living in the city. This city is truly is one of the greatest places on earth. However, there is one serious drawback to living in Chicago.

over the door rack for clothes hanger

over the door rack for clothes hanger

For those that do not know, the Midwest has famously terrible weather. In the winter, it routinely gets below zero and the winds are bone chilling. In order to survive in this region of the United States, a full arsenal of heavy jackets is a must have. Without warm jackets, you will simply freeze; there is no way around it.

Unlike Antarctica, where a heavy jacket is a must have year-round, the summers in Chicago are equally brutal, but not for their chilliness. Summers in the Midwest get incredibly hot and humid making a jacket is the last thing you need taking up closet space.

This creates quite a large dilemma; where is one to store all of these heavy winter coats that are completely obsolete in the summer? A great solution for winter jacket storage is the over the door rack clothes hanger. This rack hangs over a closet or bedroom door, providing extra space for hanging coats, jackets and more.

The rack is made from coated metal, giving it excellent durability. This over the door storage rack has space for fifteen racks, and is able to support up to 40 pounds, which is plenty of strength for every one of my oversized down jackets.

This over the door rack and other space saving closet organizers can be found online at Stacks and Stacks!

Garment Racks For A Dream Closet

Creating a dream closet doesn’t mean you have to start big. Garment racks are an easy way to store clothes in smaller spaces like a studio and then become handy as your collection and storage space expands. When storing clothes in an open space organize clothes by type and then color to create an organized look that also makes it easy to coordinate in the morning. Place favorite pieces, like a dress or nice coat at either end to show them off. Really tight on space? Get creative and add closet organization shelves for storing anything that can’t be hung, like bags, shoes or sweaters.

medium duty 5ft z-rack clothing rack

medium duty 5ft z-rack clothing rack

When you finally have the closet space you need a garment rack can still by useful. Combine a rack with some garment bags to properly store seasonal clothing in a guest room. This makes it easy to keep the clothes you want to wear up front and center in your closet and protect out of season clothes. A garment rack also makes convenient clothing storage for a guest room that doesn’t have a closet. All you have to do is add some hangers and guests can easily unpack.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large closet or entire room to dedicate to your wardrobe than the storage options are limitless. A garment rack like the medium duty 5ft z-rack clothing rack is ideal for a dream closet. With a heavy duty design and set on casters this rack can easily be moved. Organize clothes by season, such as heavy winter coats on one rack and summer dresses on another, then rearrange these portable racks so you have easy access to season appropriate clothes.

For wardrobes big or small a garment rack can help get organized and store clothes so they are ready to wear for years to come.

Dry Your Clothes the Way Nature Intended!

Air drying your laundry is a wonderful thing to do for you, the earth and for many types of clothing!  There are some fabrics and delicate garments that simply cannot be put in the dryer, for they will shrink or be damaged in other ways!

castello dryer clothes drying rack

castello dryer clothes drying rack

The castello dryer clothes drying rack makes air drying of clothing a cinch, and can be used in the laundry room or even outside on the patio to get a little extra help from the sun, heat and wind!  One of the great things about this clothes drying rack is that it incorporates flat shelves into its design.  This is a must have feature for flat drying sweaters and a variety of other garments.    This model also breaks down for space efficient storage when not in use.  Here are some other benefits, tips and ideas about air drying clothing:
·         Use a garment rack!  This is a garment rack blog, and in fact garment racks make great clothes dryers, inside and outside the house!  Hanging clothes on the hangers makes it easier when it’s time to put them away, too, simply keep them on the same hanger and place them on the closet rod!
·         Outdoor Clothes Lines – These are great for maximum air drying of clothes.  Look for traditional wire clothes lines or even some newer models that are rotating stands – a more compact idea if you have limited outdoor space.  There are also great indoor clothes lines on the market now that can span across a bathtub or from wall to wall in the laundry room – look for ones that are retractable so that it is only out when you need it!
·         Air Drying Clothes is the Eco-Friendly Way!  In addition to not using a dryer, which uses up energy that is likely being supplied by burning fossil fuels, air drying your clothes will likely make them last longer.  And one of the worst things you can throw into a landfill is fabric, as it takes  a long time to decompose.