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Save Your Closet and Your Nose with Cedar Closet Hang Ups

cedar closet hang ups

cedar closet hang ups

I have noticed that, even with clean clothes hanging up in the closet, the closet still gets that musky, stale, unpleasant smell.  Especially in the kids’ closets, which are full of dirty shoes and permanently stained sports gear.  And my husband’s closet has the same problem!  I thought about using air fresheners that automatically release scents, but ran into a few problems with those kinds of air fresheners.  They tend to have an overpowering smell, and a lot of them are too fruity or flowery and just end up making a worse smell!  And of course, you cannot burn candles in a closet – that would just be dangerous.

I just wanted to open up a closet and not encounter that musky closet smell.  It does not have to smell like an English rose garden, just not so stuffy.  I was also a little weary about the toxins and chemicals used in those artificial air fresheners.  What were we being exposed to?  I try to take a natural and organic approach with most household products, so using those just seemed to contradict that.

I found the solution to my problem with these amazing cedar hang ups!  Installing cedar wood panels into the bedroom closets was not within our budget, and it seemed like an extreme measure to take, given that we have five closets.  I had heard in the past about how cedar wood is a wonderful and natural way to keep clothes odor free.  My sister tried something similar, by using sachets filled with cedar wood chips.  And she said it worked really well!

So the hanging cedar panels, which come in a set of eight, are now my favorite way to eliminate odors.  I hung two in each of my kids’ closets, as well as two in my husband’s closet.  They not only keep the clothes smelling fresh, and cover up that musky closet smell, but also add a natural, woodsy aroma that I love!

A Little Known but Handy Tool – the Luggage Stand

Stylish or functional, from the hotel room to the guestroom, luggage stands are a must have when expecting visitors! A convenience guests will love, a luggage rack allows guests to access all their clothes without having to completely unpack perfect for a long stay or a short one. When guests are gone luggage stands fold flat so they can easily be stored in the closet or under the bed.

luggage stands

luggage stands

When it comes to outfitting a hotel room look for durable construction with a versatile design. A metal frame can stand up to daily use since the legs won’t easily scratch or break. A simple metal frame also looks great with any décor. Light, portable design allows guests to decide where they want to unpack. If they don’t want to use it guests can simply fold it up and put it away.

Bring a classic hotel touch to your guestroom by adding a luggage rack with a stylish look. From basic straight legs to a curving decorative design, there’s a wide range of options to fit your décor. Choosing a wood rack with a dark finish is an easy way to bring some warmth to a room. Bring in some color or a pattern by choosing a rack with decorative straps. Make guests feel right at home while enjoying the comforts of a fine hotel.

Buy one for your own use! A luggage rack can be great for using at home. After a long trip you can use a luggage rack to set your bag on while you unpack. Setting your luggage at a comfortable height, unpacking is easy since you don’t have to bend over and sort through your clothes on the floor. Luggage racks really are an accessory that every traveler must have to travel in comfort and style! Get yours for a great price at Stacks and Stacks!

Arrow Instahanger Folding Clothes Hanger

Some laundry rooms are very tight on open space, with washers and dryers and their many accessories taking up all the room.  When I want to air dry my delicate clothing, I run into an issue every single time. Either I end up having to carry a bunch of dripping wet clothes up the stairs to my closet where they can hang dry, or I have to try to find space in my cramped laundry room.  Both options are far from desirable, and I always end up with a wet floor!

Arrow Instahanger - Folding Clothes Hanger

Arrow Instahanger – Folding Clothes Hanger

Enter the arrow instahanger folding clothes hanger, which provides excellent clothes drying space but folds down when I am not using it.  By being able to hang all my wet clothes in one convenient space, I avoid getting water drips all over my washing room.  I can place a pan under this folding hanger and make sure my laundry room is nice and dry.

There are many more uses for this nifty wall rack hanger!

  • Also makes a really convenient additional storage space in the guest room, so that when you have guests there is always a place for them to hang their clothes and keep them wrinkle free.
  • Use this folding clothes hanger is in the bathroom.  I hate it when I come home from the gym, the beach or the pool and I do not have a good place to put my wet clothes.  They always end up hanging near the shower, where they inevitably get wet again when someone carelessly turns on the shower without looking.  Or I hang them next to my towels, getting sweat, pool water or salt water all over them.  Simply attach this hanger to the door of your bathroom, and voila, instant hanging storage.

Hanging Canvas Dress Bags for Unbeatable Garment Protection

If you are anything like me, your closet probably resembles a battlefield and you are not winning that battle. Dress shirts hang next to cocktail dresses next to coats next to Halloween costumes, and so on. Unless your closet was designed by an obsessive-compulsive control freak, it probably has but a garment rod and couple of shelves on top, making it difficult to stay clutter-free.

There is light at the end of the tunnel: nowadays, a wide variety of organizing solutions are available for the ones who are not willing to take it from haphazard architects. My all-time favorites are hanging canvas dress bags, which make it easy to sort a vast frock collection by occasion, season or color.

Hanging Canvas Dress Bag

Hanging Canvas Dress Bag

Great for storing special event attire, putting your summer dresses away for the winter or winter coats away for the summer, these closet organizers keep your important apparel isolated from odors, dust and pests for as long as your heart desires. This feature is especially important for pet owners, for as you may know, dog and particularly cat hair has this amazing ability to get onto anything not locked away in a top security government vault, easily ruining first impressions and smudging your reputation with the in-laws.

And if you ever owned a wool or fur coat, you are probably aware of how fast it can be chewed up by pesky moths, leaving you in utter despair. Still, there’s no reason to wear exclusively nylon and poly, for you have dignity and you have options. My pick is this hanging canvas dress bag. Made of breathable cotton and featuring a clear front, it takes guesswork out of finding the one right outfit in however great an amassment of garbs – get yours at Stacksandstacks! Now if only they came up with a cure for procrastination, we would live in a perfect world.

Review: Wall Mounted Laundry Valet

Living in an old home has its ups and its downs.  On the one hand, you get lots of old charm and character, unique details and features that aren’t found in modern design.  On the other hand, you tend to end up with small rooms and very small closets.  This is the bane of my existence.

My apartment’s bedroom has a closet the size of a shoebox.  The biggest challenge this has presented is, “what to do with my jackets?” I have a lot of jackets; it’s a bit of an obsession.  While the closet is just big enough for clothing alone, there is definitely no room for the coats and heavy sweaters.  And there isn’t even a spare closet to fall back on.

Wall Mounted Laundry Valet

Wall Mounted Laundry Valet

I wasn’t keen on the idea of adding a modular closet or large garment rack – I just don’t have the space for those either.  And keeping my jackets stored under the bed in boxes just wasn’t a convenient option either.  I decided to go with a wall mounted laundry valet.  Technically, it’s designed for hanging laundry to dry, but I found it perfectly suitable to my needs for jacket hanging space.
The thing I like most about this wall mounted hanger is its collapsible design.  It measures a wonderful 11 inches long, so it perfectly holds a number of coats, but I don’t necessarily want it sticking out all the time.  As I mentioned before, I need all the space efficiency I can get.  So, when I don’t actually need to select a coat, I can keep the garment rack folded down and the coats hang nicely tiered.  I’m actually using two of these racks.  Each has six holes and you can fit about two hangers in each hole, but as I also said before, I have an expansive jacket collection.
I’ll probably keep using these laundry valets from Stacks and Stacks when I do have more closet space, just because they make selection so nice and easy!