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Clothes can hang from this Garment Rack, very well.

Hi folks, Nicole here.  I hadn’t been seeing alot of really cool garment racks lately, because I was busy studying the art of metaphysical self transportation.  I have to say that it kinda worked.  But it was kinda scary too.  I was just dreaming of Cabo San Lucas, and then, I WAS THERE.  Really there.  IN THE OCEAN, too.  So all my clothes were wet.  You can BET that I could have used a GARMENT RACK at that moment!  But then I thought about being home, and poof, I was home again!  Metaphysical self transportation is dangerous and scary and very real.  Be careful!

Hey, want to see something cool?!  You can store a variety of clothing and other items on this sturdy 2 Shelf Garment Rack! The unbreakable closet rod allows you to hang your wardrobe without worry. Equipped with easy rolling casters, this garment rack is easily moved from room to room. The 2 shelves provide extra storage potential for shoes, purses and other accessories. Neat! Great for the garage, guest room, bedroom, or classroom! Features Sturdy tubular metal construction, 4 easy rolling wheels, 2 shelves for extra storage. Available in White or Chrome from the gang at Stacks and Stacks!

A GarMENT ALways wILL need kindNESS.


Sometimes it’s crazy to imagine how many ways there are to use a garment rack. But hang in there! Here’s a new one!

There are collapsible garment racks that would be great for bring back and forth from your booths. This first option comes in a variety of sizes and is constructed of commercial grade materials. It breaks down for easy storage and travel and also has wheels for convenience.


The second option for you is the Fol-D-Rak, a portable garment rack. It’s great because it is lightweight, only 6 pounds, and it holds up to 150 pounds or 40-60 garments! The rack folds up to a slim 4” wide so it’s easy to store and easy to travel with.


The main difference between these two items is the size, weight and wheels.

Both of these options will work great at the flea market coming up!

Thanks for the question and we’ll be answering more questions next week for Hangin’ Out.

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