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Justice, Garment Rack Style.

If you need to lay down the law on garments, stray garments that have been found either wet or dry, strange garments that would otherwise lie in a cruel heap of crooked uncertainty, then you need the perfect way to lay down the law. You need to hang them up. HANG ‘EM. With the inventive Hang ‘n Hide Folding Garment Rack, you can dish out justice in just seconds. And it’s dirt simple. Just install the rack, rack the garments, store the garments, dry the garments, hide the rack, and court is adjourned. Easy-peasy, and we don’t mean wheezy. You’ll be done with the chore of doing chores in no time, and those garments will know better than to mess around with the law. What is the law? “Leave no garment un-hung!”

There’s no better way than the Hang ‘n Hide Folding Garment Rack to hang clothing and laundry, and its benefits are astounding. The Hang ‘n Hide is a great space saving solution for clothes storage whether your needs are temporary or permanent. Maximize the wall space in your laundry room, dorm, closet, basement, or garage with this patented laundry hanging rack. And if you need some extra room to hang clothes on any wall, this wall mounted drying rack is the perfect way to organize just about any place in your home or office.

What’s that, pal? You think it will take a whole afternoon to install Hang ‘n Hide Folding Garment Rack? Wrong. Dead wrong. You can instantly set up this retractable clothes hanger in any closet or on any wall with the installation kit included. The Hang ‘n Hide Folding Garment Rack, or laundry drying rack if you will, is constructed of super strong ABS plastic and features chrome plated swing arms that collapse flat and out of the way when not in use. Hang up to 17 hangers and a load of 10 pounds. That’s a bunch of justice that can be carried out by one rack.

Rolling, rolling in love with this Portable Garment Rack.

Don’t let yourself be hurt this time. When life demands that you hang your work attire — attire that must, at all costs, remain pressed, wrinkle-free, with nary a crease nor crinkle — life will treat you to the agonizing mental spaghetti of stress-related, perfectionistic terror, including the clammy-hand horror, the rational fear, the cursed threat of your garment being hung incorrectly. Yes, in a time of crisis, when garments must be racked, and these garments must be racked with the option to roll, it’s no mystery where to find the perfect rack for the job: Stacks and Stacks. Put Stacks on the case, and you’ll quickly deduce that the finest Rolling Garment Rack is here, ready for your next adventure.

Ah, isn’t that better? The sharp drape of a well-racked coat means perfectionism and professionalism are far from canceled. A garment that sings “I was ironed, with care and respect” reflects well on the wearer of the garment, and improves the quality of the wearer’s surroundings. A garment that has been properly racked is also easily accessible to the wearer, if the wearer needs to wear the garment as soon as possible, in the finest condition the garment is ready to achieve, which of course is nothing short of perfection, mint condition, because the garment was hanging on this durable Rolling Garment Rack from Stacks and Stacks. With a well-racked, perfectly fresh garment on your back, life is grand. The only downside? Your friends and co-workers will be jealous.

Whoa there, Gentlemen, there’s no need to fight — you can BOTH use the Rolling Garment Rack from Stacks and Stacks to hang your work-wear! You see fellas, Stacks made sure they had the bases covered — that’s why they offer this Rolling Garment Rack in both a single and double garment rack variety. The clothing storage possibilities are endless with this Rolling Garment Rack, and by endless, we of course mean endless. There is no end to the storage possibilities. Designed to efficiently store long garments, the Rolling Garment Rack is made from beautify and sturdy natural birch. Commercial grade locking wheels aid in easy mobility and sturdy placement of this portable Rolling Garment Rack. Some Assembly is of course required, because you would never feel the full satisfaction of a job well done if everything was done for you ahead of time. This rack’s weight capacity is a complete metric/American 75 pounds, so you’ll have plenty of strength for your rackables. In a world where looks count, count your blessings that t his world includes Stacks and Stacks, where you’ll find the incredible Rolling Garment Rack.

Gar-Ment-Rack Fol-D-Rak Clutter-Attack!

We’ve all suffered the embarrassment of visiting the home of a family member, or friend, or possible new love, and found an insurmountable mountain of clothing, piled high as the eyes, just there, hiding in the back room, or over-stuffed closet. It is embarrassing for us; doubly embarrassing for them. Of course OUR extra, not-currently-worn clothing is safely hanging from either the closet rack proper, or a suitable, durable, enviable Garment Rack. Maybe it’s time to enlighten your family member/friend/possible love in the very basic art of slobbery avoidance/clutter control. And hey, Classy Christmas Present Idea to boot! Here’s a handy suggestion:

Give yourself some extra storage space for your clothes with this portable garment rack. This folding garment rack is great while you clean your closet, do your laundry or while you iron. This lightweight clothes rack can hold up to 150 pounds or 40-60 garments. Only 6 pounds, this rack folds up while not in use for easy storage in tight spots. Made of aluminum this garment rack is also great to hang your guests’ coats on during parties, to hang items during yard sales or in the garage to hang plants during the winter. This collapsible garment rack sets up and folds down instantly to a slim 4″ wide, no assembly required. Purchase one today and hang ’em in style!