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Hangin’ Out: Calling all those flea marketers out there!!


“Hi! I am writing this email you to you in regards of advice for my upcoming flea market booth. I have a bunch of great vintage clothing finds that won’t work lying down or folded up and I don’t have a truck to put any tools or hanging racks in. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks!


          Vintage Viola

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Get a garment rack in your office!


Garment Racks are good in the office for one reason – coats. If there are many people working in an office, a garment rack is the perfect solution for all those jackets and coats.


Here is an example of the perfect garment rack to put in an office building for keeping coats and jackets organized. There is plenty of space for many coats and they all get a hanger, as opposed to the hook style of a coat tree.



This particular one has a nice top shelf to set lunch boxes, umbrellas and hats. It holds 4-6 hangers per foot so there will be plenty of storage space for coats. This option is also nice for saving space because it will fit conveniently in any corner and doesn’t take up too much space.


A garment rack like this one is also good for large families. This rack would be great to put in the garage or in an area where your family can put their coats on before heading out.

Out to dry – Drying clothes on garment racks


For commercial sized load of laundry, you should have a commercial sized garment rack. This week’s featured garment rack is not your ordinary garment rack.

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2 in 1 – Garment Rack with a Luggage Rack


The frequent traveler should never leave the house without a 2 in 1 garment and luggage rack. With the perfect amount of storage and space, you’ll be able to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle free during your trip.

Another great purpose for a luggage rack/ garment rack is for packing assistance. You can get your hanging items together and pack without the tension of packing on the floor.

This is another great item to have in your guest bedroom at home. This leaves a place for guests to set their luggage while still having a place to hang and organize their clothing while they stay.

Making traveling with clothing a breeze!


Traveling can be a pain for anyone, especially if it is a business trip and you’d like to keep your clothing wrinkle free.

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