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Space saving garment rack alternatives


I was in my apartment the other day and I was thinking about how garment racks just may not be practical for small apartments like mine. There are more space-saving options for garment racks, so you can still use the practicality and functionality of the concept and use less space.


I found this garment rack option at stacksandstacks.com. Not only does it fit conveniently in your closet, but also you can put it on either the back of the door or on your closet rod.

The nice thing about this rack is the length. You can store a lot more pants and take up less space than if they were all individually hanging side by side. The hangers on the rack are ultra-convenient because they pull out for easy removal and placing.


Another great closet garment rack option is the over the door garment rack. This option is great because you get the extra storage and function of a garment rack but there is no floor space used up, just space that is unused anyway.

It isn’t permanent so you can move it to whichever closet you need it in. This is also a great idea for extra laundry room storage options.